Monday, October 17, 2011

Lessons from Hunting Camp

In case you didn't know this already, I am currently in hunting camp, bringing a much-needed dose of reality to the men of camp. It seems with the annual sickness known as "Buck Fever", delusional thoughts are not far behind.

Case in point...

"Some guys just came off the hill on their quads and said all the big bucks are about 7 miles up that really steep hill on the other side of the mountain." (Said by an 11 year old in his most manly voice.)

"You mean up that really steep hill that I told you under no circumstances we will ever climb?" (Said by the Daddy bear in his most reasonable voice.)

"Well, those guys said that that's where all the 4 points are...." (The whining begins.)

Then the voice of reason mentions the obvious...

"So did those boys actually show you their prize-winning bucks that they got up on the other side of that mountain?" (Guess whose voice that was?)

"Well, they didn't actually get one..."

My work is never done. Even at hunting camp. While my boy's and one daughter (that I am going to start calling Annie Oakley) are busy scouting for bucks at the bottom of the really big mountain, I've had a little time to ponder certain things of camp life.

1. When a shower charges you 25 cents for 5 minutes of almost-warm-enough water, you can bet that it will take 6.25 minutes to get all the soap out of your eyes. That leaves exactly 3.75 minutes of time to scout out all of the spiders lurking about.

There were 4.

Past tense.

(photo credit)
2. When there has been a cougar sighting in the exact same place your camper now sits, even a squirrel climbing a tree is reason enough to draw your weapon.

Note to self: Get a weapon.

Or a squirrel trap.

3. Big brothers who tease little brothers about not being big enough to handle the kick-back of his rifle are destined to be bitten by the scope of their own gun...

...much to the delight of the younger, blemish-free brother.

4. And finally, no matter how old your children get, a momma is never quite prepared to see this...

...even if she did have to help them get dressed.☺

It's never done.


Mountain Home Quilts said...

But really Kim, anywhere you can get a shower for $.25 is NOT going to be the place to get the 24" 4 point! ;)
So glad that your boys and your Miss Oakley are enjoying their time!
You should have told your son to go ahead and hike up that mountain on his own to "scout" before you all went up. When he came back 20 minutes later stating that the mountain was WAY TOO steep (and it was way too hot, and he was way too thirsty, and way too tired...)and there was no way he was climbing any part of that mountain again you could have said, "See son, that's why you always listen to your parents."
Have fun and bring home anything that's legal.

dr momi said...

Totally loved this :-) That is one fat, ready for winter squirrel! Love the picture of the scope injury....LOL! Hope they get some deer!

Candy C. said...

Thanks for the update (and laughs) from Hunting Camp! That last picture is great! :)

hoosier girl said...

What fun! I loved this post!

Tina - Our Rustic Roots said...

Good looking bunch of hunters there! Anyone gotten anything yet? Good luck to them all!