Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grocery Shopping Blitz~January

There aren't too many stores I would snap a picture in, but the above photo is special. This is my most favoritest grocery store...ever. It is a family-owned store that carries no pork or shellfish, and is closed on Saturday's, the day these wonderful people observe the Sabbath. Not only is the store packed with fresh and organic, most of the produce comes from local sources. This store is also good about stocking up on locally packaged foods too, such as; salsas, barbecue sauces, specialty vinegar's, and artisan cheeses.

Pure heaven I tell you.

If you live near the Vancouver, Washington area, you will need to experience Chuck's Produce & Street Market for yourself. And make sure you save time to enjoy a cup of gelato while you're there. I can personally vouch for the Chocolate Hazelnut gelato. And the Espresso Gelato. And the Blackberry Gelato. And the Lemon Gelato. And the...

Have I mentioned that we like gelato?☺

Our monthly grocery shopping trip wasn't limited to just Chuck's, even though it could've been. We started with Trader Joe's and ended with Costco, with a leisurely lunch at Applebee's to see the Oregon Duck/Wisconsin kickoff for the Rose Bowl. (We finished watching the game at Costco with about 100 other people who can't afford drive-in sized televisions either!)

So, here's what we bought...

And here's what we spent...

Trader Joe's~$74.62
Chucks Produce~$133.21

Grand total~$399.67

We still have our raw milk to buy, but if all goes according to plan, the total this month should be well within our $600 budget!

Time will tell...


DoleValleyGirl said...

One of these days we will run into each other...how do I know this? Chucks. Traders Joe's. Costco. Only I shop on Thursdays typically. It's going to happen one of these days. :)

Good job on staying so far under budget! Looking forward to hearing how you do later this month, ~Lisa

Freedom Acres Farm said...

WOW! I would kill for a store like that where we live! I had no idea that there was such courageous people as to observe a shabbot for their store. There will be a special place in heaven for them for sure! Wow, I am just so impressed!! I struggle just to find a place that sells local produce :-( You are blessed indeed!

Candy C. said...

What a beautiful grocery store!! I would dearly love to shop there!
Looks like ya'll did pretty good for under $400!

Anonymous said...

That is my favite store, too! I live in Camas so I'm lucky enough to live about a 15 minute drive away.
I go once a week- usually Monday.They always have a few unadvertised specials which is nice!
I am finding most of their prices lower than Winco (my fill-in store)and the quality of produce better.
Susan :)