Monday, March 26, 2012

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Spring has sprung and Bourbon Red Fred is feeling kind of randy.

That's turkey talk for he's in the mood.

And because we currently have 3 frisky toms, we decided it was time to get our turkey nests up.

Just in case the girls were feeling the love too.

My Mister and I got to work, converting some old wooden boxes we already had.

My Mister used the portable band saw.

He handed me a hammer to pound out the old nails.

My Mister used the skill saw.

He had me fetch some wrenches.

I went on strike.

My Mister promoted me to chief of the staple gun.

 I did so well, he then trained me on the band saw.

While he pounded out the "oops" staples.

 Between the two of us, we managed to knock out 3 turkey nesting boxes in record time.

Which included most of the hours featuring daylight.

Adding shingles.

Turkey nests are mounted on the outside of the coop.

A little straw and it's Home Sweet Home.

After all that work, the hens spent the remainder of the day hiding out in the blackberry brambles.

Last I heard, the tom's found them.☺


MamaTea said...

NICE!!! What a capable woman you are! :) You look mighty good there at the band saw. :)

Valerie said...

How cool! I want turkeys SO badly! Maybe later this year we'll get to that. Always something. :) Can't wait to see if you hatch any turkey the hens set the eggs well?

Good work on using the power tools...I rarely get to use them either. :)

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Is there a little ramp leading up to the boxes or can the turkeys get up there without trouble? One of our BBB used to roost on a 6ft high roost so I know they're able- I was just wondering what your girls do. :)

Kim said...

MamaTea~The whole job probably would've went quicker had I not been afraid of losing an appendage or stapling my kneecaps together~but it sure was fun! My poor hubby had no idea of the monster he was releasing! :)

Valerie~Turkeys are a blast! I'm partial to the heritage breeds because of their personalities. One of our hens hatched a dozen last year, but we lost her a couple of months ago. She was a great momma as long as she didn't take her chicks out into the open field! The one setting now is young and seems to be doing a good job; we're just worried that she is in the same area where Lucy met her demise. We've hatched quite a few in the incubator, but our last batch resulted in several "explosion"s and a lot of stink!! I'd really like to let our hens do all the work...I'm already busy with my own! :)

Heather~It's hard to see in the pics, but there is a 2 x 2 pole that is mounted just in front of the boxes. In front of that there is another roost a couple of feet away...we're hoping that since they seem to enjoy roosting in the fir trees over the coop that they'll figure out how to get up in the boxes! We wanted to make sure that the unwelcome critters couldn't get at the nests. The birds' yards are locked up at night, but we've had coons and coyotes who have showed up for the lunch special~apparently they didn't get the memo that the buffet is closed!

Susan said...

I love the go-around about using tools. So true, so true. You two did an wonderful job! Those are some fiiiine nesting boxes. I miss my BR Toms. Unfortunately, they only had eyes for me, which made getting chores done almost impossible

Candy C. said...

Great nesting boxes, I hope your girls figure out that you guys made them just for them!