Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Boys and Firewood

Chopping firewood is not my favorite chore. The fact is, at 5'2, I'm just not tall enough to get enough momentum with the axe to actually make any kind of a dent in the firewood. My "chops" are more like bounces and have the ability to cost us thousands of dollars in trips to the emergency room, followed by months of rehabilitation with the chiropractor. Really, I'm saving us money. At least, that's what I've been telling myself. Truth is, I lack upper body strength and the motivation required to get some. But boys, they are a different breed.

They actually like to cut firewood.

Maybe that desire to cut a tree into smaller pieces comes from our hunter/gatherer ancestors. Maybe it comes from a boy's need to demolish anything he sees. Maybe boys just have more aggression built up than us girls. 

Have you ever noticed that when a boy decides to work on the firewood pile,

he always pulls the largest pieces out first?

Maybe boys have something to prove. Especially if it's the youngest-of-9 sort of boy.

Maybe boys just have a unique desire to build and stack. Perhaps it stems from their Lego-building days and never having quite enough pieces to build their life-sized dreams.

Or maybe, boys have yet to realize that it's work and like to chop firewood because they thinks it's fun.

And maybe we should just keep that between us for now...☺

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Candy C. said...

Nice lookin' firewood they are stacking up! Definitely don't tell them that it is work! LOL!!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Children who WORK, sleep better, eat better and feel better about themselves. So happy to see kids outside where we all belong

Jocelyn said...

I agree with Donna. I give my kids jobs whenever I can. It's all good, that choppin'! Your pile is beautiful. My hubby's been working on ours, as my kids are too little to chop yet. Soon, though, a couple more years.

Kris said...

Wow! Can I borrow some of those please?

Rae said...

Around our place, hubby and I both chop (I figure it's better than a gym, but I'm the one that stacks. I have a little problem with an "I want it done a certain way, so I'll just do it myself" mentality. :)

Kim said...

We waited a long time for our boys to be big enough ~ In our family line-up, Tanner and Matt are #'s 7 & 9. Their older brother has graduated to the chainsaw, so now the boys have their sights set on the next level! :)

I'm the official woodshed "decorator." My Mister calls it wood stacking, but I know differently...;)

Mama Pea said...

I don't know what it is about cut, stacked, drying wood that appeals to me but I LOVE it! I even cut pictures out of magazines of wood piles and put them on the refrigerator. (Do you think I need help?)

Kids really do want to do "grown-up" work. How else are they gonna learn "grown-up" skills? Plus, it's so good for them working out in the fresh air!