Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are You My Mother?

Our egg-hatching event has ended. Out of 13 eggs, we successfully incubated and hatched 5 beautiful chicks.

I'd like to introduce you to my newest "children", Eggbert, Shelly, Yolkie, Poachie and Fryer Cluck. I happen to think they look an awful lot like me.

The marbles are in the water dish to keep the chicks from drowning.

They haven't quite figured out what the feed dish is for!

I was pretty happy with our 5 babies.

Then I went to the feed store.

I'm a sucker for a cute face.

Meet Jibber and Jabber, the guinea chicks (otherwise known as keets), and Shock and Awww, the frizzle chicks.

The new wee ones are a little bashful.

We have so many different breeds of laying hens, it is hard to say who the real mother is of our bator babies.

Could be this gal...the bald spot on her back shows us that she is pretty popular with the boys.

Her name is "Hoochie Momma".

These are our Bourbon Red turkeys and Araucana "teenagers". They have moved into their own apartment at "the coop".

Our first group of chicks have graduated and are headed off to college. The dorms are crowded and the peer pressure is almost too much for the girls.

"Awww's" feathers are starting to frizzle.

Jibber...or is it Jabber?...has beautiful markings. He/she will also alert us to danger with an obnoxious screaching noise.

For now, the babies have been moved from our kitchen counter to their new digs in the garage.

Otherwise known as the nursery.

I'm no expert, but I think they like their new home.


Millie said...

Kim, I think they have your eyes.

Hoochie Mama is looking pretty tired. Tell those boys to give her a rest.

I was just telling Joe this morning that I should think about getting an incubator. Seeing your babies makes me think it is a really good idea :-) I should have pictures of my current 'babies' (hatchery) up on my family blog later if you want to take a peak at them. I have quite a full house!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

You got frizzles???!! Wow, you'll have to let me know how their egg production is. They're so cute, I've always wanted one!

Audrey said...

I can't believe you can name them and remember their names! Good job on hatching Kim! We had two roo's and one of them was very agressive shall we say. It was getting to be too much for our 17 hens so he made chicken soup last week. The 'henny pennies' seem to like their new guy:)

thanks for the laugh - Hoochie Mama! I love it!