Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tractor Dreams

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted a tractor. Even before we ever had a piece of property large enough to tend a single chicken, owning a tractor has been a dream of mine. As a young girl, my family moved from a city neighborhood, where the houses were spaced 20 feet apart, to a more rural place, about 6 miles from town. The house was on less than 1/2 acre, with the majority of it being used by house, driveway, and garden area. The entire front and back yards were lined with flowerbeds, and the lawn areas were small enough to mow with a push mower, usually in less than 10 minutes. Our only out-building was a woodshed and our farm animals were small indoor dogs with an aversion to in-climate weather. But the neighbors behind us, they had trees. Lots of trees. In fact, we called their property, "The Woods."

To a young girl, it was rural enough for me. And "The Woods" became my favorite place to be.

Next to the "The Woods", were open fields that were hayed every year. The only evidence I ever saw of an animal ever being in those fields, was a skull I found once while exploring. Of course, after my parents assured me that it was indeed an animal skull and we weren't living next to some crazed serial killer, the fields became my #2 exploring place.

I remember sitting on the edge of the trees, in my little fort made with branches and mud, just out of view, watching the farmer man mow his fields. I would wait with anticipation as the big machine would move close enough for me to feel the vibrations of the tractor in my chest. And after the tractor would pass, I would dare to sneak out of my hidey-hole and reach out to grab a handful of that fresh mowed grass, just because it smelled so good.

Fast forward to adulthood and that love for tractors is still there. Someday soon, my dream for owning a tractor will become a reality. I'm even starting to think outside the "green" box.

(photo credit)
(photo credit)
I have a fondness for the color pink. And I'm also smart enough to know that if our tractor is pink, maybe my Mister will let me drive it! ☺

Never one to let my dreams sit idle, my Mister decided to build me a tractor. And while it's not pink, nor 4-wheel drive, it does have a nice big bucket.

Chicken waterer

Chickens aren't particular about color, but they still have dreams.

They dream of bugs, grubs, grass, cow poop,

 and tractors.

That's the great thing about dreams~sometimes, they really do come true.


Anita said...

Looks like our chicken tractor!! We hoping to get another one this week. Fun, fun, fun.

Mary Ann said...

We have a man who owns a pink tractor in his wife's memory here!

Kim said...

Anita~You actually inspired us to do this! We had the plans, but not the guts!

Mary Ann~That is soooo special! Love it!

Mary said...

We have a chicken tractor too.

Check it out.

God Bless

MamaTea said...

LOL! That's a cute post! I like the pink tractor. :) But the only kind of tractor we have thus far is like the chicken tractor you posted about. :) Ah, chicken dreams. If only our dreams would be so simple...

Donna OShaughnessy said...

May I suggest a Kubota Tractor? Sturdy, well built and easy to handle. I love ours. Its reddish orange

The chicken tractor ? Very nice

Kim said...

Donna~I've actually driven a Kubota and LOVED it! It belonged to an elderly neighbor who has since passed, but he used to get a kick out of my excitement over driving his tractor. It was only once a year when we borrowed it to mow, but it was the highlight of my summer! I still think it would look better pink! :)

Jamie said...

Oh My Gosh,I have to show hubby this.I would love to have a PINK tractor.since I do the mowing around here I did get a brand new mower for mothers day(cub cadet)I would rather have a john deere PINK though.
THanks for posting this CUTE

Patty said...

This is such a darling post! Very clever! I hope one of these days you get a tractor you can drive along with this one you have to pull. :) Though this one is very nice, and I do like the bucket!