Sunday, March 4, 2012

ain't nothin' but strong...

 After starting last week with a little snow and ending with a lot of rain, the sun finally came out to lift our winter blues a bit. And I mean just a bit. We had exactly 2 hours of shining sun, but I took full advantage...

Perfect for growing herbs on my back porch!

See that yellow strip in the corner that says "Easy Assembly?"

They lied.

In the box was a million different pieces for my Easy Assembly greenhouse, and no written directions on how to build it. Just a ripped in half drawing with only some of the parts labeled. 

After a quick pep-talk that went a little like this: "You is kind. You is smart. You is important," I dug in.

Then I called for reinforcements. Because I'm a teacher and this is what us home school Mommas like to refer to as a "teachable moment."

Ya, that was the reason.

Tanner putting the right brackets on...after removing the wrong brackets someone else had installed.

Then we called in the big guns. He's college educated, which worked to my advantage.

Kody is not only smart, he's tall. Which translates to "able to put plastic cover on top of frame."

Guess what I'll be doing this week?

The worm farm seems to be enjoying the new greenhouse.

 A few days ago, I informed my Mister that we were out of dog food and I would be making a trip into town to get some more. Here's how the conversation went down...

"Are you just picking up dog food or do you have an ulterior motive?"

"Just dog food, and what do you mean by ulterior motive?" (I may have batted my baby green's at him.)

(Laughing) "Because the dog food is at the farm store and you NEVER come home with just dog food."

(Appalled) "Well, you don't know me very well, do you?"

(Very seriously) "Just in case the chicks are in, can you just be strong? Just this once?"

Looking my Mister in the eye, I said, "Ha! Strong is all I know how to be!"

Meet the new kids on the block. I'm calling them The Dirty Dozen.

She's calling them all Fluffy.
And she gets to break the news to Poppa.☺

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Michelle said...

ROTFLMBO!!! I came home from the feed store this weekend with six silver laced cochin pullets. I mean, have you ever seen cochin PULLETS for sale? I haven't. Not even in a catalog! -and cochins are my FAVORITE breed! And I *need* some good setters!

I shared your post with my husband, and he is glad to know he's not the only one. :-)

Kim said...

I would've bought them too!! I've never seen sexed cochins before! Good purchase! :)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

How can you resist a chick? Cute.

Candy C. said...

I'm with Michelle!! ROTFL!!
How could Poppa resist that sweet face!
I like your little greenhouse, good thing you had "professional" help! ;-)

Valerie said...

Too funny! We went to look at chicks on Saturday....came home with an incubator instead. I've got 10 eggs doing their thing in it right now. A "test run" of sorts. We'll see if we get chicks in 3 weeks. :) Enjoy your green house and new babies. :)

petey said...

Too cute! I take it you don't get strong winds where you are??I have a similar green house, but anchored it with T-posts...the frame is still standing but the big plastic cover blew off. LOL

DoleValleyGirl said...

Kim, I hear the snow level will be dropping tonight through tomorrow, so we may be in for more snow. Yesterday was gorgeous, and later this week we may even break 60 degrees -- it must be spring in the NW! Good job on the green house, by the way. :) ~Lisa

Kim said...

Lisa~I heard that 11 p.m. Sunday night! We may be "walking" the greenhouse to a safer location until Wednesday! :)

Petey~We get some greenhouse came with ropes and stakes, but I'm going to let the most educated person in the house handle that part...and he has the best eyesight so maybe he'll be able to figure out those plans!

Valerie~Yay! The incubator is the way to go~pays for itself with the first successful hatch! Mine's still airing out from the great turkey egg bust a couple weeks ago...;)

Kathy & Candy~Poppa melted...Maybe I'll take her with me to do ALL my animal...I food shopping!

Susan said...

Yeah, how can he say no to "Fluffy"? It is just so hard to NOT walk away with a dozen or so. But I did. I is strong, too. Besides, I had about six more errands to run and the dogs were in the car....I is not THAT strong.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Kim! I thought so. -and so far so good! All six baby girls are still alive and peeping. :-)

Kim said...

Susan~Haha! I didn't have any dogs in the car, but the chicks did prevent me from making a "quick" stop at the garden center down the road...see, it was a money saver by buying those chicks! :) I'm also a justifier by nature...

Michelle~So glad! It's very sad to lose any, but especially when their so cute!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Bwahahahahahahaha. Oh my gosh- what is it with chicks this year!!!?? Instead of explaining all my chick madness here in a VERY LONG comment I'll just blog about it and you can read it there.
Seriously. Those chicks are cute. And so is your grandbaby! :)

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Wait... what did you end up getting?

Kim said...

Heather~I got some Blue-laced & Golden Wyandottes, Buff Orpingtons, Auracauna's, and Dark Rhode Island Reds...I think the farm store is getting some bantams this week, so I'll go in later this know, for goat chow. ;)

Tony said...

I love this. "Easy assembly"... "they lied." It seems they always lie with that one, doesn't it? The chicks are beautiful.

Linda said...

I had one of those greenhouses a couple years ago. Since it is fairly windy here, who am I kidding if I powered ekectrcity by wind I could take care of all my neighbors within 2-3 miles too some days. Needless to say even though we anchored it to the fence it still did not last one night. Going to build one out of old windows and sliding doors. I am down to 2 chickens due to dogs who dug under my fence to get to my chickens but they produce enough eggs for me. Sorry was windy, take care.