Sunday, August 5, 2012

Barn Progress

As of this post, Miss Waltzing Matilda Mook has still not calved. And let me tell you, it's through no fault of ours either.

5 days late and still no calf.

It's not that Tilly is a private person cow, she just requires a little finesse.

Tilly knows when she's got a good thing going.

And she's milkin' it for all it's worth.

Meanwhile, we've been busy working on the barn. Remember what it used to look like? And then we did some stuff to it? Well, we've done some more. Stuff, I mean.

The Mister planning the layout of the corral panels.
Yes, this looks about right.
Our eldest son making sure the posts are secure while the Mister looks on in awe.
The "boys" are standing in the calf pen.
The stanchions are finished. Complete with a pulley system to lock the cows in.

 Then we went to the fair, and suddenly, building a barn area just for cows seemed amateurish. So we added a spot for pigs.

Hog panels & zip ties will make this spot perfect for keeping piggies safe and warm.

The Mister said the pen is "for the future." Personally, I think he left that wide open for interpretation. The future is anything after the moment he said "for the future." Guess he doesn't know me at all...☺

And just in case you were wondering how secure our posts are...

They held up to Young-Dumb-Son's technique. Hopefully we won't have to change his name to, Walks-With-Limp...☺

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momma-lana said...

Boys will be boys..... I'm just glad our three are all married now so that their wives can fuss at them when they do stuff like stand on the top of posts. :)

small farm girl said...

Or you might have to change his name to Sings Real High. Lol. Barns lookin good!!!!

Candy C. said...

I like what small farm girl said!! LOL!!
The barn is looking great, I hope you get to put a cow AND calf in there soon!
I think the guy that invented corral panels should get a medal or something, they make fencing soooo quick and easy! :-)

Jaclyn Hicks said...

I have a six month old son and all I can think is someday he will be up to the same antics. Any advice? :)

The barn looks great! Praying you see a calf soon!

Kim said...

Jaclyn~ I wish I did. My son is 20 and still standing on fenceposts for fun! :)

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Everything looks awesome! And I agree, as of today, TOMORROW is the future! :) I hear bacon calling your name.

Mama Pea said...

Omigosh, you have done so much work on your barn. And it looks so good. And there are a whole bunch of us out here a little green with envy over it! There is just something about a B-A-R-N that makes me feel . . . secure. (Is that weird?)

Kim said...

Nothing weird about that at all! And thank you! :)