Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gratituesday~Friends & Vacations

Last year, our very good friends, Jeff & Jan, took us to one of the their favorite places to camp. When they invited us, I of course, wanted to know about the "facilities". (Hey, we still have 6 kids at home and I have "needs"!) They were a little cagey with their response, but I got the gist...there were no facilities! My first thought was, "Who does that, on purpose?" It was almost enough to keep me home! After all, we aren't animals, right? Sometimes, I like surprises. This was one of those times.

Can you believe that I almost missed out on this? Safe and predictable almost won out.

Needless to say, this beautiful place has become my favorite home-away-from home. It is a place of relaxation, away from the noise of cars, phones, and the never-ending hum of electronics. A place untouched by greed and power. A place that most people would never venture into because of the lack of modern day amenities! It is also a place that makes me feel so close to our Creator, that I can almost hear Him whisper, "because I love you...".

We've been back several times since that weekend with our friends. Each time, I fall more in love with the mountains and thank God for our friends who shared this very special place with us.

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shopannies said...

what a beautiful picture I love the mountians as well