Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Day of Demolition

Over the course of the last several days, I've learned a few facts about myself.

#1. I do not like change.

Especially when it involves moving the coffeepot downstairs.

Have you ever had to maneuver stairs with your eyes still shut?

It's not pretty.

#2. I am short.

(I know, it surprised me too!)

My involvement in removing the soffits consisted of me handing my son, Dakota, the sledgehammer.

And then patting him on the, and telling him what a good job he did.

He liked it.

#3. Plumbing does not come naturally to me.

I thought that we were going to have to decorate around the pipes.

Until my Mister handed me a pipe wrench and said, "Here honey, take those apart."


He forgot to tell me that water, still in the line, has to come out somewhere.

That was unfortunate.

But, now you see them... you don't.

I wish I could take the credit for that.

#4. I hate shopping.

Especially at a store full of men whose sole purpose in life is to touch every single little doohicky and thing-a-ma-jig in the store.

For 4 hours.

I snapped.

We'll just blame it on the lack of espresso that Lowe's didn't have.

It's safer that way.

#5. I'm the Energizer Bunny once I get that espresso.

This was a doorjamb with no door.

Now it is a doorway with no jamb.

Here is the door that will fill the jamb, after it gets a paint job.

After I get another round of coffee.

#6. Going green can be overrated.

I thought I would recycle the nails.

That thought lasted for exactly 6 nails.

I am going to reuse them...somewhere.

#7. I am a lucky girl.

No explanation necessary.


Mountain Home Quilts said...

♥ I love seeing all the progress! Keep us all updated!♥

inadvertent farmer said...

ROFL...oh the joys of home ownership! I'm with you on change and shopping, although I prefer Lowes to say Macys. Have fun I will be following along and thanking the good Lord that it is you and not me having to stumble down to the basement for coffee! Kim

Audrey said...

I'm with you - I love those air-tools and even more in my hubbie's skilled hands! It looks like your summer is a lot like my last 4 years! We've moved to the farm full time now! I just got internet set up so I will start blogging again soon. I miss my American friends!