Saturday, February 19, 2011

Caught in the Act!

Raising kids can be exhausting.

Case in point...

Mom: "Who moved my camera?"

Heather: "Wasn't it on the kitchen counter last night?"

Tanner: "Didn't you have it in the living room?"

Mandie: "Maybe in your room?"

Clearly, they weren't listening. I asked "who" moved my camera, not "where" was it moved to. A whole lot of time can be saved if the person who moved the camera is the only one to be interrogated. 

In theory anyway.

Heather: "Wasn't Dad looking for pictures of the goats?" 

Tanner: "I think I saw Dad with it last night."

Mandie: "Yeah, I'm sure it was Dad."

Unfortunately, Dad was at work so he was unavailable for comment.

Lucky guy.

While everyone was searching frantically for Mom's camera, one person was suspiciously missing.

"Anybody ask Matthew if he's seen the camera?"

"Matthew, have you seen Mom's camera?"

My dear, sweet, youngest, child replies with, "What makes you think I know where Mom's camera is?"

The good news~Mom's camera was found alive and well, only minutes after it went missing.

The bad news~We still don't know who took the camera.

The case is still pending.


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Ha ha, many I miss Matty SO much...he's such a cutie, even when he's being a terd.