Tuesday, July 26, 2011


While I'm recuperating from a nasty case of strep throat, I thought I'd share some family photos I managed to snag before my daughter and granddaughters left.

Between the high fever and the Percoset, my brain is a little foggy.

I was always a fan of picture books anyway.☺

Great-Great Grandma M (almost 91)., Kelsie (23), Maddie (almost 3), and Emmie (4 months)
We took a 5 generation picture when Maddie was about 8 months old, and while all of us are still alive and kicking, one of us was out fishing. This is my father's mother and I'm behind the camera...any guesses as to who is missing? We got this picture in one shot.

Then there's my mother's side.

My mother blinked. Maddie was hungry. My grandmother was busy, smooching on the baby. Kelsie and I are used to large family photo shoots. Just keep smilin', just keep smilin', just keep smilin'...

Maddie, Kelsie, Great Grandma (64), Great-Great Grandma N. (83), Emmie, and me.

Maddie still wasn't happy, she wanted pizza. My mother didn't realize that the picture was being taken, which just happened to be the very moment that she was lecturing my grandmother to stop smooching  on the baby.

While Kelsie reassured Maddie that pizza was in her immediate future, my mother was plotting a way to rip the baby out of Great-Great Grandma's arms and I just kept right on smilin'.

Finally, Great-Great Grandma was able to compose herself long enough to look at the camera.

 Like any good 5 generation matriarch would do.

And yes, Maddie finally got her pizza.


DoleValleyGirl said...

Precious! And, well, a little silly, too. Your posts often make me chuckle. :) Thanks for sharing! ~Lisa

MamaTea said...

I love that you just kept smiling. In every picture. Every single one! So cute! Good story, and lovely pictures to go with. :)

Hope you feel better soon!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Awesome- 5 generations! Love it!