Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Mister & Missus Go On a Date

A few years ago, my Mister & I discovered that we had gotten old.

I know, it was a surprise to us too.

It was almost too much for us to take when we found we couldn't stay awake during an evening movie at the theater. Of course, the movie we napped during was the Woody Allen movie, "Hannah & Her Sisters", so age may not have been entirely to blame. But then we discovered that we could no longer have a coffee after 11 a.m., eat anything spicy after 4, or have any liquid after 6 p.m. without some serious nighttime consequences.

It put a real crimp in our date nights.

Now we have date days. Other people might call them errands, but add a little lunch, some classic rock on the radio, and a lot of laughter, and we call it a date.

We just happen to get home before dark.☺

Typically, we grab a latte, swing into a local burger shop, then head to the dump. But not today. Today was special. We left the work gloves and the garbage cans at home and headed south.

First we had a little impromptu photo shoot~Because I was wearing make-up & the Mister was nice & scruffy...just the way I like him.

No, he was not whispering sweet nothings...he was actually saying something about peri-rectal abscesses. Have I mentioned that he's an emergency room nurse?

After stopping for a Peppermint Mocha latte, we ended up at the Mill that is Red. Bob was NOT in the building today.

This is what 50#'s of rolled oats, 50#'s of white flour, and 25#'s of hard white wheat, and 25#'s of pastry wheat look like. Now we need to find a place to stuff it until needed. This is where the real fun begins!
After loading up with enough wheat berries and beans to last the whole winter long, we found out that there was a bee supply store a mere 4.5 miles away.

Let me just mention here that while I have a weakness for wheat berries and beans, my Mister has a weakness for anything related to beekeeping.

Beehive #2

Actually, this is the future beehive #2.

He also likes to save money, so it looks like he'll be spending the rest of this winter putting this little beehive puzzle together.

Not to worry...I asked for an instruction page just in case it's not done by March.☺

The kids were busy while we were gone too.

Chocolate cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting~emphasis on peanut butter.
They also got out the Christmas lights, just in case we were relaxed enough to put them up when we got home.

It may take another cupcake before that happens... 
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Patty said...

You two REALLY know how to have fun! And I'm not being sarcastic here - that sounds like a perfect date to me. :)

DoleValleyGirl said...

Kim, Sounds like the kinds of dates my mister and I go out on. :) Oh, and I know exactly the bee supply you were at 'cause I go there to buy my soap making supplies and beeswax for candles--what a great little shop it is! Do you ever go to Exodus Books (down that way, too); they're my most favorite homeschool book store. Maybe I'll run into you one of these days since we frequent some of the same shops. :)



Carolyn Renee said...

Glad you two have managed to embrace the age-related "problems" with date, uhm, days. DH & I are still working on ANY date days/night/afternoons/early mornings as DD (almost 3) takes up most of our time! Grandma to the rescue and we may just get in a movie this year!

Looks like your guy has his project for the winter!

tami said...

Your post made me smile...

Getting older IS a bit of a suprise isn't it? Acid reflux, sleepless nights, aches and pains. And the romance...Peri-rectal abcesses indeed!

Great pic of the two of you!

Word verification: "banga" @;)

MamaTea said...

The two of you are so darn cute I can't stand it! I don't care if you think you're're HOT! :)

If there are any of those cupcakes left, I'll be over in a jiffy to help you with those lights.

Diane said...

Okay, you guys do not look old at all. But I can identify with the spicy food and not being able to stay up late anymore.

momma-lana said...

Sounds just like home! Once we turned 50 a meal out at supper time can keep us up all night! We do breakfast out much better now!Going to even Wal Mart together is good for me!

Candy C. said...

Date "night?" Not around these parts! Lunch out is a big deal for us! We are hoping to be able to stay awake tonight to watch the NFR on the TV! LOL!!
I would love to be able to go to the Mill that is Red, Bob or not!

Abby Jo @ said...

That is what I call a wonderful date! ;)