Monday, November 7, 2011

Meal Plan & Prep Work 11/7/11

I receive a lot of comments about my meal planning. I've heard my share of, "I could never be so organized", "I would spend more money than I need to", "It takes too much time and thought", and my personal favorite, "Are you OCD?"

So, here's my answers. Yes you can, no you won't, depends on the current noise level in the house, and my middle name is Monk.

Okay, not really, but meal planning doesn't have to be so difficult. I find that if I have a plan in place, I'm more likely to use up what's in the fridge, pantry, and freezers, I can better utilize my limited supply of thinking time for the greater good of mankind, and it gives me extra time to do the important things in life.

The end of a very long day...for both of us!

Now you know the real reasons. I'm an over-achiever.

Meal planning is especially important if you prepare foods in a traditional way. And I'm not talking about popping the plastic tray into the microwave either. Sometimes, in the busyness of everyday life, I forget to do some of the prep work required for whole foods cooking. Forgetting to soak the beans, make broth, start the sourdough sponge, or put together the breakfast casserole the night before can throw a real kink into the plan. With 11 hungry people in the house again, no food could mean the end of my life as I know it.

They're a vicious bunch I tell ya.

So, here's what's cooking this week, with my side notes. Fortunately for you, the computer doesn't scribble them into the side bar like I do...


Lunches~Planned leftovers

Cincinnati Chili, roasted brussel sprouts

*Soak black beans~pm


*Grind cornmeal~am
*Start pot of chicken stock~am
*Put prime rib roast in fridge to thaw~pm
*Start sourdough sponge for bread~pm

Prime rib, roasted potatoes, green beans, salad w/ Citrus Vinaigrette, Sourdough bread (traditionally prepared with no yeast)

*Cook turkey breast~am
*Prepare dough for European Peasant Bread~pm

Turkey & Wild Rice Soup (new!), European Peasant Bread

Pasta Bolognese, Caesar Salad, Garlic European Peasant Bread

*Start sourdough sponge~pm

Chicken Noodle Soup, Sourdough bread

Sloppy Joes on homemade buns, Salmon dip (Hmmm...thought I'd shared this recipe, but I can't find it~will share it next week!) chips

*Make buns~am

We are also roasting pumpkins, canning pears, making apple butter, and rendering the last of the lard.

See why I have to plan?

If you're new to meal planning, visit Menu Mondays at I'm an Organizing Junkie for more ideas.


Michelle@ Simplifiy, Live, Love said...

I found you through MPM! I love your menu! Looks delicious. We are just getting started in the homesteading life... Can't wait to get a few cows - no need for 40! :-) I'll be back to your blog. My menu's here:

shopannies said...

sounds like a great meal plan you also sound very busy come see me at

Amish Stories said...

I'm spending a little time checking out new blogs, so i thought id stop and say hello to you folks. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania.

Candy C. said...

I see why you have to make the side notes! I HATE when I forget to soak the beans for a planned meal! :(
Your menus sound delish!