Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Winds of Change...

Before I share the who, what, and where, first let me tell you about the why.

*Because I'm so tired that I think about naptime before I get out of bed in the morning.
*Because my hair is falling out without any help from my children.
*Because my joints ache just thinking about going for a walk.
*Because I'm cold all the time, except for the occasional hot flashes~which I welcome.
*Because I've had some depression that goes beyond my failed attempts at making pumpkin soup.
*Because I have heart palpitations, even when my Mister is not standing in front of me.
*Because my brain is fuzzier than a politician's math skills.
*Because I've gained 20 pounds that cannot be attributed to Reeses or Starbucks. (There's another 30 that is all theirs.)

While I'm still waiting for the biopsy that is set to take place next week, all signs are pointing to hypothyroidism. Specifically an auto-immune disease known as Hashimoto's disease. I've been told that I'll probably be prescribed a synthetic thyroid hormone, with lots of follow-up blood tests to check levels.


This does not sit well with me. First, because this feels like putting a band-aid on an arm when the boo-boo is on the leg. Second, I can't even remember to floss everyday. Third, I'm a rebel at heart.

My thyroid isn't the problem. Something in my body is causing my cells to attack my little old thyroid who has just been minding its own business. After doing a little research, it's starting to look like gluten may be a major contributor to auto-immune diseases, like Hashimoto's. I've experimented with going gluten-free before, but it hasn't lasted long because there really wasn't a need to do so.

I'm rebellious, but also a creature of habit. A creature that likes bread.

Have I mentioned that I don't like change?

So what does that look like for my family? Well, tonight we had a Baked Ziti with Meatballs, and a Pear & Pecan Salad with Cranberry Dressing. The pasta was brown rice, the meatballs were from our grass-fed beef, and the croutons were left in the pantry. (At least while I was dishing up my plate!) I will still be baking sourdough bread for my family, but I will just have to put on my big girl panties and let the scent of the bread be enough.

And because I've had my share of that same bread, big girl panties are all that I've got. (Too much info?)

I won't be replacing flour with sugar, and my latte addiction has ended. The withdrawals are another story...

And in the morning, I will drag myself out of bed, pull on my well-worn sweatpants, grab my 1 cup of organic Sumatra, and head out the door.

For a walk that may require one end of a rope tied at my waist, the other end to the bumper of a Ford truck, and my Mister behind the wheel.

One way or another, it's time for a change.


gipsiwriter said...

Good luck on your new journey. I've struggled with similar issues for quite some time and know how difficult it is. peace and blessings!

MamaTea said...

Kim, I'm sorry. But I know you are one tough cookie...even if it has to be gluten free. :( I'm sorry that you're having to deal with this sucktastic life change. I would be much like you, rebel at heart...and I'd probably be REALLY crabby right now. If a bloggy friend could do anything to make you feel better, I would do that! Keep us updated, my dear. And I'm sending smiles your way. And anything else you'd like. :)

Marge said...

Just an FYI......Those symptoms can all be applied to fibromyalgia too. And going gluten free can help.....a lot! I feel better now than in probably ten years!

Good luck on your journey. I'll check back to see how it's going.


Anonymous said...

I am so with you. I need to do all what you are doing. I just can't get motivated. Every Monday I am going to start and here its wednesday and I have nothing healthy to eat so far this week. I do plan on walking as soon as my hair dries (for real).I have no energy to do anything and tired of being overweight. I just wanted you to know I woke up last night and thought of you and God led me to pray for you so I did and went back to sleep for a little while.

Kris said...

Kimberly, that is so strange. Just last Thursday I started a gluten free change. And I LOVE BREAD! ALOT! And I make my own with all the wheat berries. In fact, we just bought about 300 pounds of berries this summer. So I was going to go 2 weeks like this and then try some whole wheat bread. And then I might not. I will still make bread for my hubby but I will have to experiment with almond and rice and buckwheat and kamut and millet flours. I found lots of GF crackers and chips, which I love too. So I will be going on this GF change along with you. We might be able to keep each other accountable.

The other night, I took the daughter and 2 grands to Fazolis. I had a little salad that I ate in 3 bites. And I sat there with my nose in the bread sticks. How sick is that? But they smelled so darn good.

We'll have to experiment with making different sourdough breads too.

Misty said...

My husband I became distributors for Monavie a few years after he was diagnosed with MS. I was also having some hormonal issues. Since we started drinking it, issues gone!! If you want to try some email me and I'll send it to you. You can also go to www.monavie.com to learn more.

Candy C. said...

I did not know that about the gluten...hmmm. I wish you luck and strength in your efforts! {{HUGS}}

momma-lana said...

I have walked in your shoes and my journey started at age 12 and ended at age 51. I have been seeing a kinesiologist for the last year and my thyroid is now functioning on it's own and I feel like a new person. I refer you to the website of the man who trained the practioner who has helped me to heal. www.hcmionline.com It seems too good to be true but I was extremely feed allergic for 27 years and I can eat anything now. I had severe asthma and I am free of that just by cleaning up all the junk in my body. One thing that helped me before that was taking kelp everyday which supports the thyroid. Sitting in the sun 15 minutes everyday will stimulate the pituitary gland which regulates all your gland and hormone activity. That was my problem; my pituitary gland had quit working and the sunshine treatment gave the thyroid a boost. You will feel better once you are on the meds but there are natural answers too. DO avoid soy as it inhibits thyroid function! There IS hope!

Wonderwoman said...

Kim - please email me. I'd love to share some ideas with you.

Anonymous said...

Gluten free will no doubt improve your help. Good for you for doing what needs to be done, but PLEASE also look into Lyme - these symptoms sound very familiar. Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Check out Elimination Diet at www.getbetterwellness.com

tami said...

Hey Kim...Chin up there, girl. It's frustrating when your body betrays you like this. You want an answer and there's no such thing as an easy one.

I've had off and on "issues" for YEARS that Dr's can't give me a diagnosis for. Ultimately, I went gluten free after I found out my brother is Celiac (and we suspect my Dad was too). I found a site http://glutendoctors.blogspot.com/ that really helped change my situation with my health.

Being "sensitive" to gluten gave me digestive, joint, fatique problems. It finally gave me panic attacks that were crippling. My family Dr explained that I have a "chemical imbalance". I took the drug only to "survive" the episodes and started researching. Once I understood and I quit the drug (with Dr blessing) and quit gluten (2 years now). I've had ZERO panic attacks, my digestive health and joint issues are a thing of the past.

I keep my finger crossed knowing that this "might " not be the magic bullet, but I can hope. I believe my nervous system became hyper sensitive to the GMO gluten that I've eaten for 40+ years. Time will tell, but so far so good.

Thanks for sharing...It's tough putting things out there. Going GF wasn't hard at all for me. Someone said that gluten was like "ingesting rat poison." It can really mess with you.