Tuesday, May 22, 2012

when "booch" goes boom...

Rarely do I ever post pictures of life's little "oopses." Partly because I try to always be uplifting, encouraging, and full of hope.


But mostly, it's a pride issue. 

And I'm not too proud to admit that, so there's progress for ya.

Lately I've been making a lot of kombucha. And because it spends most of it's brewing life hidden in a cupboard too high for me to peak into without some extra effort, via a step stool, I sometimes forget about it.

Today was one of those days. Actually, a week ago was one of those days, but today I paid for it.

This is what happens when the kombucha, or "booch" gets even.

 In my new-found knowledge of "booch" making, I've learned that kombucha doesn't like to be ignored. And I've learned that when a 15 year old panics, she forgets to aim the exploding bottle south and lets the kombucha  travel north, east, and west equally. South happened when the bottle was almost empty. Which was kind of irrelevant at that point.

 I learned that even passersby aren't immune to the wrath of the "booch." And did you know that elderberries when left to dry on the hair, become crunchy? Ya learn something new everyday.

I learned that every single dirty word I've ever heard, has the ability to explode out of my subconscious at the exact same moment the "booch" hits the wall. Thankfully, they didn't explode out of my mouth.

I've learned that I have more self-control than I thought.

I learned the importance of sealing tiled back splashes. 

And floors. Which is now on the list of things to do.

I learned that an elderberry under pressure has the ability to travel a full 40 feet before slamming into a window, wall, or human. I also learned that chia seeds under the same pressure sting when they hit the skin.

Finally, I've learned that nobody in the house actually cares for the elderberry/ginger/chia kombucha anyway.

So now, I'm learning to laugh at the "oopses."

And clean ceilings from a step stool.☺


small farm girl said...

I laughed out loud as I was reading this to my husband! I can just imagine this happening to me. lol

tami said...

LOL...Oh poor YOU! You'll be cleaning that up for months. You'll "think" you've got it all and then find a splatter in a place you won't expect.

Kris said...

Oh my gosh, what did you do? Did you have the jar sealed while it was brewing in the cabinet? Or was this some you had already strained to drink? Oh, what a mess you have there! I am so glad no one got hurt. And sometimes things like this are a blessing, I always say. The kitchen probably needed a really good scrubbing! I can't even imagine the noise and all that flying around that kitchen. It is good to share the messes too. We have all been there.

Kim said...

I'm still finding little seeds and berries...;)

This was our flavored teas that were only supposed to sit in the cabinet for 2 days. The blueberry and lemon flavored didn't react so aggressively, so maybe the bottle didn't care for the elderberry either? :)

SweetLand Farm said...

Wow! What a mess, and thanks for the heads up to not ignore it!

Candy C. said...

Oh my, what a MESS!! The "booch" that shall not be ignored...