Thursday, October 11, 2012

Genetic Roulette~The Movie

It isn't very often that I post links to youtube videos or movie trailers. In fact, I think this is a first.

That should tell you just how important I think this movie is. Genetic Roulette is free for viewing for 1 week. And it should not be missed.

I am pretty passionate (that's a nice term for it) about the food our family eats. While we are in no way perfect with our food, we are aware. Which is what this video helps to do. To educate us on the effects of genetically modified foods. (And there are many.) Genetic Roulette explains it in a way that the whole family can understand.

And it is a start to opening the eyes of the ones who haven't wanted to know.

Right now, California is trying to pass a GMO labeling law. If passed, this will set the stage for many other states to pass their own labeling laws. The truth is, I believe that real food should not be called "organic". I believe that farmers/companies should NOT have to pay big $$$ to say their food has no added chemicals. It should just be called food. Period. But...if food is not what it appears to be, it needs to be labeled. And those chemically dependent companies need to pay for that. Because we have a right to know. I would no more offer my children a drink of turpentine than I would knowingly allow them to eat an ear of genetically modified corn, pumped full of Bt. And since it may be more difficult to convince the GMO companies (Monsanto) to put a skull and crossbones on their products, a label will have to do.

For now.

Please spend some time with your family this weekend and watch this movie. Then make whatever changes necessary to keep genetically modified foods out of your home. After watching the movie, you'll understand my passion and why this is just too important to dismiss.

Genetic Roulette~The Gamble of our Lives

Don't forget to pop some non-GMO corn first...☺


Wonderwoman said...

Thanks for making me aware of this Kim! I saw the book in my doctors office a while back. I am passing this along on my blog and linking back to here.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you for sharing this.. we all need to be educated and aware of this terrible mess.

Mama Pea said...

It makes me feel so sad and hopeless to know that some people not only think GMO foods are okay but that they are the way to go. I wish information like this could somehow be made available (and that they would watch it) to people other than those of us who have been aware of this horror for a long time. Thanks for your efforts to spread the word. That's about all we can do.