Monday, May 31, 2010

Hatching Day!

On Mother's Day, my family presented me with an incubator.

Some Mom's would've rather had flowers.

I prefer the poop that makes the flowers grow.

I may or may not have been dropped on my head as a child.

Chicken poop makes me happy.

So do baby chicks. Especially ones that I played a part in hatching.

Now, who's going to teach them how to scratch?

The first little peep hole.

After 24 hours of peeping and egg rolling, this one was the first to make its appearance.

We named it "Eggbert".

I was afraid Eggbert was a goner and warned the kids that it didn't look good.

Shows what I actually know about chicken hatching!

As of this posting, we are up to 3 healthy babies.

Eggbert, Yolky and Shelly.

Obviously, my children like the Ice Age movies.

And that first egg with the hole? It's still hanging in limbo. Chirping and pecking.

And apparently not ready to make its appearance.

With 10 more eggs in the bator, this could be a long night.


Mountain Home Quilts said...

We named one of our chicks, Henny. Yep. We're pretty original too! :)
Can't wait to see how many of them hatch! (and I'd take ths chicken poop over flowers too)

Audrey said...

yaaaaa! baby chicks! Congrats! I was eyeing an incubator at the hatchery last week. Hmmm. It sure is a beauty!