Sunday, May 16, 2010

MPM 5/17/2010

This week is going to be a "hit the ground running" week.

Here's some of what's going on...

~Oldest son, Dakota, is graduating. This means transcripts, invitations, senior pictures, ordering the diploma and tassel, and planning an open house is underway.

~Graduation means scrapbook. Each of my children gets a memory book when they graduate. These are not to be confused with Momma's brag books; they are created with each child in mind. Meaning, it takes thought. And imagination. And me trying to figure out the "who, what, and where" of each picture that doesn't have a note on the back. Which most of them do not.

~I haven't done too much with the scrapbook yet. Still in the weeping uncontrollably phase.

~We're in the midst of planting season. Good news. Mother Nature doesn't care and is going to "gift" us with some rain this week. I'm breathing a sigh of relief. But only until the scrapbook is done.

~We've had a population explosion in the chicken department. I can't seem to drive past the feed store without stopping. And I can't seem to leave the feed store without at least a half dozen new chicks each time. Not good if I'm visiting the store twice a week.

~The incubator is happily humming along with 13 more chicks. As their mommy, it is my duty to sing them lullabies while I gently turn them 3 times a day. "Lullaby and goodnight, I'm going to eat you baked or fried...." my children think that I've lost my marbles. Maybe I have.

~As further proof of lost marbles, I brought friends home for our chicks. 6 little Bourbon Red heritage turkeys are now calling our garage home.

~We need to expand the chicken coop.

~And build a turkey run.

~Have I mentioned school yet? Yep. It's still going.

~And apparently, people need to eat.

~Oh yeah. Food. Planning. Where was I again?

Here's what's cooking (or attempting to cook) this week...

~Corndog muffins, fruit smoothies
~Chicken Tortilla Soup, farmer's market salad (GF)

~Speltcakes with blueberry syrup
~leftover soup, buttermilk biscuits
~Macaroni & Cheese (with rice noodles), Salmon patties, farmer's market salad

~Soaked oatmeal w/ blueberries
~Kefir smoothies, Sourdough Scones
~Texas Style Lasagna (carried over from last week), farmer's market salad

~muffins (to be determined), homeade blueberry yogurt
~Risotto, swiss chard, elk roast

~Eggs & elk sausage
~PB&J, chips, fruit
~Spaghetti, green beans

~leftovers or sandwiches
~White Chicken Chili on Corn Tortillas (new) (GF), farmer's market salad

~Eggs in a Nest (new) or Grilled Hamburgers (depending on the weather!)

~GF Chocolate Cake (new)
~Raw Milk Chocolate Ice Cream (new)


riverstonestudios said...

Hey Kim,

I was browsing your blog and noticed the trellises you had. We are totally on board with you. Audrey wanted one a few years ago and I flipped when I saw the price at the garden centre. We promptly built our own when we got home later that day. Total time 30 minutes. Total cost - a box of brad nails. Ours looks almost identical to yours and we love it. More people need to take initiative to do simple projects like this. Awesome!


~Alison~ said...

Your menu plan sounds really good! I can't wait to try some of your recipes. Particularly, the chicken tortilla soup! Mmmmmm!