Friday, August 13, 2010

Alternate Universe...

I have not abandoned my blog. My blog does seem to have it out for me though.

I don't know why. I've been very nice to it. I feed it regularly with photos, kind words and I rarely raise my voice to it.

Okay, maybe they're not award winning photos, and maybe I haven't thrown in enough computer jargon such as; bytes, pixels, and ram, but I love my blog and up until now, it has loved me back.

Somewhere along the line, the love has soured. Maybe I've spent too much time on The Pioneer Woman, The Inadvertent Farmer, Mountain Home Quilts, Finding Joy in My Kitchen, Homestead Revival, and Heavenly Homemakers websites. Maybe my little "blog in the wall" got jealous and decided to rebel.

It could happen.

Or, maybe, just maybe, I hit a button somewhere that makes all of the pictures I download, jumble up and get out of line.

Not likely.

It's more likely that I'm in some alternate universe and the radiation left from my former self has messed up my gigs, rams and bytes.

Yea. That's probably it.

If any of you wonderul bloggers have had any issues with picture jumbling, I'd appreciate any advice on what to do! (When I try to line the pictures back out, they end up in the right margin.)

In the meantime, have a blessed weekend!!!

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Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Kim, thanks for coming over to the Homestead Revival™ and for adding my button to your blog! You have some great things going on at your homestead!

I've had a problem occasionally with my photos as well. I realized that when you upload a pic that you want centered, be sure to click "center" on the little bar that is below the pic when you move your mouse over it, and ALSO... highlight the picture with your curser, then go to the top of the post box and make sure that our margins are set for center justification, not left or right. If you write where your text is justified for the left margin, but your photos are centered (which is what I do), sometimes it gets mixed up and you just have to reset it. Hope this helps!