Saturday, August 21, 2010


My favorite feature of the t.v. remote control is the pause button. If I'm thirsty mid-MacGyver, I can hit the button and quench my thirst, without missing MacGyver fashioning a parachute from dental floss and some old chewing gum.

That dandy little trick could come in handy someday.

It's important not to miss any of MacGyver.

Yes, I'm that old.

Sometimes I dream of a pause button for life.

We've been so focused on the kitchen remodel that other things have been a little neglected.

Like remembering to buy toilet paper.

Until it was too late.

Don't ask. It was ugly.

My Mister and I decided to make a run to Costco to pick up some basic supplies. Since it was a warm summery day, we chose the one closest to the beach.

(Actually, we chose it because it was the furthest away from the kitchen!!!)

After shopping and dinner out with my in-laws, we headed home. About 20 miles from our beloved kitchen (that we had really started to miss), it began to rain.

At least, that's what we thought it was doing.

Look closely.

Does this look like rain to you?

I'm pretty sure the next town over was hit with a plague of some kind.

That's probably not going to help the real estate market.

Besides running out of toilet paper, we forgot that we had a new member of the family arriving.

Meet Lola.

She was supposed to be a farm kitty.

Until she became a gift.

For Heather.

Because it was her 14th birthday.

Thankfully, she's not mad anymore.
We're still waiting on Gertie.

Since walking is good for a pregnant gal, I decided to take her for a stroll.

She got side-tracked.

The girls tried bribery.

I tried to reason with her.

What did we expect? She's a goat. Even if she doesn't realize that fact.

As darkness fell, I was left with 2 questions.

Where is MacGyver when you need him?



Just another reason for a pause button.

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Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

If you gently pull the goats' tail they will come. :) We had trouble with our buck until we learned that from our first breeder. :)

~One of the Farmgirls