Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kitchen Updates!

'Twas the night before cabinets,
and all through the house,
anticipation was building,
mainly from the spouse.

The lighting was mounted,
from the ceiling with glee,
so people could view,
our new hickory.

The children were used,
to clean up the mess,
in hopes that tomorrow,
the dirt would be less.

The hubby, he bought,
every tool on the shelf,
He said we needed them,
as he mumbled to himself.

The glowing pantry light,
with its brightness so new,
gave the old bathroom window,
something to do.

The glare from above,
gave the room such a glow,
I had to turn it off,
to see anything below.

When my eyes finally adjusted,
and my heart-rate slowed down,
I decided these walls,
would go great with some brown.

With the kitchen enlarged,
and because I am able,
We removed the 12 feet,
that used to be our table.

And now as we rest,
and wait as we must,
I'll anticipate the new cabinets,
and write my name in the dust.

To be continued...

Not the poem.

Sorry for that.

It's been a long summer.


Mountain Home Quilts said...

O.k., the poem was great're ALMOST there!! Cool! Can't wait to see the finished is looking SO good! :)

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

I LOVED the poem!

The kitchen is look fantastic!

Kris said...

You are so creative, Kimberly! I love that poem. Very good. And now I can't wait to see the kitchen cabinets! It's almost like the time we did our kitchen. All the waiting and waiting. But it's almost done. I have really enjoyed checking in to see how it's going for ya'll.