Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Most days, I ease into and out of very easily. These days require little thought on my part because they are routine.

Get up, plug in the coffeepot, sit and stare at the window until coffee is ready (while trying not to drool), enjoy cup #1, start breakfast, wake up family, enjoy cup #2 with the Mister, make the bed, toss load #1 into washing machine, serve breakfast, shower, dress, toss in load #2, make/bake bread, check to make sure kids did their chores, get kids settled in schoolwork, make lunch, laundry load #3, teach history/science, grade papers, check on outdoor animals, start dinner, tell Matthew that, "No, you cannot play video games." Followed with, "...because I said so." The day ends with dinner, some t.v. time with the family, and if I'm really lucky, there may be time to go for a walk, read a book, quilt or enjoy the hot tub.

Good thing I don't play the lottery.

Then there are those days when nothing makes sense.

After months of bizarre summer weather, with very little success in the garden, I stumbled upon these today.


My children will be "thrilled" to learn that brussel sprouts have been added to the menu.

I also found peppers, pumpkins and some kind of squash that I may or may not have planted.

In case you didn't know, the Pacific Northwest's rainy season started a month ago.

I think we may be above average already.

Then I walked into the living room.

And found this.

There really are no words to describe this.

Lola may or may not be embarrassed about her little "mishap".

I'm hoping that tomorrow finds me a milk cow and a maybe a big red barn in the field.

Hey, it could happen.


Heather@BlessingsPourOut said...

I keep hoping someone will take pity on us and leave a tractor out in one of our fields. Hasn't happened yet, but there's always tomorrow.

Your cat pix were priceless. Thanks for the laugh.



Anonymous said...

i have to say i love your blog, and today it made me not only smile but have a full belly laugh out loud... love the cat pictures, so funny.