Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Menu Plan!

Can you believe that it's already Thanksgiving? While this is my absolute favorite holiday, there is something that I love more than turkey day.


This will make butchering our Thanksgiving turkey more challenging, but snow is always welcome here.


Because it's not raining. And I have an excuse to drink hot chocolate. And it's not raining.

Did I already mention that? 

Last week, I was down with a pinched nerve in my back, so that meant the family ate whatever they prepared. 

It was almost a vacation. 

Except for the whole pain thing.

While preparing this week's meal plan, I realized that I haven't shared with you one of our favorite recipes! Cincinnati Chili is one of those comfort foods that tastes good in any season, but is especially wonderful when there is snow on the ground. And with over 300 blog posts under my belt, the fact that I haven't shared this is appalling.

I'll have to remedy that.

Here's what's cookin' this week...

Chili Nachos
Spicy Hoppin' John (still new!), cornbread

Scrambled eggs & sausage
 Leftover Spicy Hoppin' John
Corn & Bacon Chowder (I'll post the recipe on Wednesday!)

Cornmeal Pancakes w/Lumberjack Prune Syrup (still new!)
Leftover Chowder
Cincinnati Chili (new), spinach salad

Thanksgiving Feast (see below)

Apple Coffeecake (still new!)
Leftover Cincinnati Chili

Eggs & Sausage
Gobbler sandwiches on sourdough bread (turkey, Raw Cranberry Relish, cream cheese)
Turkey Pot Pie (new)

Venison Stew, Buttermilk biscuits

Most of my Thanksgiving recipes come from The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.

I think she may love Thanksgiving almost as much as I do.

~Thanksgiving Day Feast~

Roasted brussel sprouts
Mashed Potatoes w/ homemade turkey gravy

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Lora @ my blessed life said...

I have to say, I'm totally jealous of your snow:) I love snow and living in the South, we rarely see it.
We are also fans of Cincy Chili~and also have it on the menu for this week! I have my fave recipe for it posted on my blog.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving, your menu looks delish!