Thursday, November 11, 2010

What the....?

Most days, our diet is one of whole foods.

And it feels good.

Our bodies respond accordingly to being fed and nourished with foods that take time to prepare.

Even if we complain about how much time it takes to prepare them.

Then there are those days. The ones that, no matter how hard we try, are unavoidable.

You know those days~they're the days where your child works really hard to achieve a goal and ends up winning the prize.

In this case, Matthew wore the most of one color. He wore blue, in 96 ways.

And for his efforts, he won a 3-foot long candybar.

It was the "best day of his whole life."

On those days, there's only 1 thing I can do.


My body will act accordingly tomorrow.

1 comment:

Kym-Anne said...

Awesome a 3 foot candy bar!!!!!

I bet he won the prize for most popular brother/son that day too :)