Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Winging It Kind of Week

This is when I would normally post my carefully thought-out meal plan for the week. I would usually be getting all of my ducks, or goats as the case may be, in a row for the week. My homeschool planners would be finished, laying in wait for the kids to begin on Monday, all of last week's leftovers would be eaten up, fridges empty and cleaned, ready for the new weekly groceries, the laundry baskets would be empty...

...then I wake up and realize that I don't know that person.

Fact is, my meal plans are really just notes jotted down during the previous week; memos to myself of requests made by the family or based on what is going to go bad in the fridge. The homeschool planners are rarely ready for Monday, so we usually just bag school until Tuesday. The chickens look forward to grocery shopping day because that's the day that they feast on our uneaten leftovers and face it, laundry is never caught up in this house.

That said, I have grown accustomed to having my chaos a little organized. It makes me feel like we're moving forward, even if it's only on a hamster wheel most days.

This week though, I'm in complete "wing it" mode. My newest granddaughter, who as of this writing, has not been born yet, is due at any moment. In fact, if she doesn't make her appearance soon, I'm afraid that I just may burst!

The anticipation is killing me.

And my Mister is too old for this kind of excitement.

Whoever said that patience is a virtue must have been a single guy with no children.

I compare that to the backseat driver who's never actually driven a car before.

So, this week I'm going to work on my virtuous character, without a meal or lesson plan. If anyone needs me, I'll be camped out in front of my daughter's house...

...dirty socks and all. 



Audrey said...

It's a perfect week to wing it! I think the schedule is fantastic but there are times to just be....(impatient if you will!)

Kris said...

Sounds like a great way to go, Kim.

I am getting turkey eggs! I already sold 9 to a lady who homeschools and wanted to incubate them. I told her I am not totally sure they will be fertile right now but would be glad to give her some more if they don't hatch. Do they go 28 days? How are all yours? Have you incubated any yet? I might try some and sell the poults.

Kim said...

We're starting to collect our eggs and will hopefully have enough to start incubating next week~too fun! I have a sure-fire way to make sure that the eggs are fertile and will be doing a post on it for Monday! It's pretty funny, if not a little disturbing...:) And yes, it takes about 28 days, give or take. Selling poults would be a good way to recupe some of the expense of raising turkeys!