Thursday, March 31, 2011

Farm Happenin's

While I not-so-patiently wait for spring, there are some things around the farm that cannot wait.

Our entire homestead could use a real lesson on patience.

The garden is currently so saturated with rain that just trying to walk to the compost bin requires hip waders. The good news in all of this is that our formally compacted soil is nice and fluffy. Well, it would be if it would ever quit raining.

In rather embarrassing news, not a single one of my greenhouse seeds sprouted. I guess seeds need heat. Which I failed to provide. They also need light, which my youngest daughter decided to turn off. The positive side to this is that our local farmer's market opens in a couple of weeks and you can bet I'll be making a mad dash to the organic tomato lady's stand!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We sold 2 of our goat triplets. Wynken and Nod are now happily living north of us on a small farm. These people love their animals so much that they bring their goats insides during the coldest nights! I love my animals, but.....

We helped load them up. Into the backseat of the new owner's sedan. As they we driving down our driveway, Wynken and Nod were standing on the backseat, hooves on the back, noses pressed against the window. If my Mister wouldn't have been holding my hand, I'd have chased that car clean into town.

Gertie and Blynken had a hard time adjusting to the extra room in their pen. They carried on non-stop for 2 days. Maybe it was separation anxiety. Maybe it was because of the triplet connection. Or maybe, just maybe it was because we finally got around to trimming the goats' hooves.

For the first time.


And while Gertie wasn't the slightest big amused about her grooming session,

Blynken was just happy to have a new friend to play with.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And finally, after months, no years, of discussing the benefits of having our own milk cow, we have decided to jump into the family milk cow arena.

Since we made the decision, I thought it would be easy to find the perfect Jersey cow. And, because it's spring, I figured that there would be cows popping out all over the place. I expected farmers to be lining up on our driveway, saying, "Take mine! Take mine!"  I also believed in the Hollywood syndrome that says to "replace the mature [cows]
 with the young up-and-comers".

Apparently the Hollywood syndrome only applies to humans. Not cows.

We did find 1 Jersey heifer however.

♥I'm head over hooves in love.♥

We're currently waiting (still!) to hear back from the owners. I'll keep ya posted on whether there's a road trip in our near future! ☺
I can almost taste the fresh, organic milk now....

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Mountain Home Quilts said...

You're JOKING!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited about your cow!

DoleValleyGirl said...

I'm so jealous about the milk cow! My hubby just won't go there (at least not yet...). ;)

I hear the snow level is dropping in our parts; hope you don't get any. We're too low (900 ft.), so Lord willing, it won't snow here. I'm with you on the soggy ground; it's been a cold, wet March here in the great northwest. Here's to warmer weather and sunshine!

Blessings, ~Lisa

Sarah said...

Oh my, I SO hope that you can get a cow, that would be so exciting! I know how happy that would make you! I love reading your blog and seeing what's going on back there!

Monica said...

I would love to have a small jersey cow! That would be the greatest!

luckybunny said...

Good luck with the new cow! Jerseys are wonderful. So glad to read about finding a good home for your goats, always makes you feel good doesn't it? :) Sorry about the seeds! I've been there.

Dollwood Farms said...

That cow is adorable! I am so jealous!

Audrey said...

She looks like a really fine lady! But then what do I know about cows? I grew up in the city! So glad to hear you are getting a milk cow. We desperatly need to finish our small straw bale barn before we can consider one. You never know though?! Good job - oh, also, you are the last straw! You are my third friend that has highly recommended a pressure canner - it's on my wish list! I'm convinced! Thank you:)

Jacqueline said...

oh my. getting a cow is our next step, of course we need a small shelter yet. but in my quest i also have found that finding a suitable cow is no easy task. can't wait to hear how it goes?!?!

Savories of Life said...

So you have goats. How lucky you are. Thanks for becoming a follower!