Monday, March 28, 2011

The Old Pepto Bismol Room Revealed!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it...

That's really how this post should begin. After our dearly departed daughter #4 moved out, we were left in a quandary as to how to redo her old room. See, DD#4, otherwise known as Melissa, really, really, really, really loves the color pink.

I mean really, really, really, really alot.

So much so that when she moved her belongings out, we were unable to enter the room without fear of losing our eyesight.

The Pepto Bismol Room. And lest you think I jest, dare to compare.

It was quite the conundrum.

After careful consideration and a lot of pondering, the Pepto room is now...

...The Truffle Room.

We put up 32" bead-board and painted it a chocolaty brown. The top is capped with new trim, but we re-purposed our old trim on the bottom.

My Mister built the bookshelves and desk. I painted them a cream color (the desk wasn't painted as of this picture) and then sanded it to make it look old. We picked up the pink baskets at Lowe's and used a garage sale chair that will be reupholstered soon.

The mirror, light and garbage can came from IKEA.

I love the Swedish.

The Swedish know that every princess room needs a chandelier, just in case she wants to dance.

Curtain rods are expensive, so we opted for copper pipe and end caps. By adding a little screw into the pipe, it keeps the pipe from moving around when the curtains are pulled.

And if we ever have a leak somewhere, we know where to go.

Add one hope chest and the Truffle Room is complete.

No safety goggles required.

Only one problem since Mandie has moved into her "new" room.

We can't seem to get her out of it!


This is the kind of project we like to tackle during the rainy months. Spring will come all too soon and with it the busy-ness of gardening, animal care, fence building, mowing and other outdoor projects. The last place any of us want to be on a sunny day is indoors.

Until that day happens though, you'll find us working on yet another room.

Next up, the master bathroom!

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Susan said...

WOW......can you say pink?!!!!! That was pink!
LOL I love the new look and as I can see so does your daughter.....The bookshelves are wonderful... I looked over your blog and you sound a lot like me :o) I live in Utah but we can be blog neighbors, nice to meet you Kim. My name is Susan (Grammy to 5 of the most wonderful kids around) thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment

Jackie said...

Love it!! I wish I had read this before I went out and bought curtain rods...great idea!


DoleValleyGirl said...

I can feel a remodel of my daughter's room coming on... Thanks for the inspiration! ~Lisa

Anonymous said...

great job!!!!!!!!!!!!