Monday, May 9, 2011

Farm Happenin's

I may have spoken too soon.

Last week, spring reappeared for exactly 12 hours. But what a lovely 12 hours it was.

Unless you count the Rodent Rescue. That I could've done without.

While Yoda is with us no more, he will live on in our hearts...*cough*

And we will continue to acquaint ourselves with his relatives, farm style.

With our 12 hours of spring, we started another project.

If you have a homestead or farm, fencing is an on-going project. Since our goats have been cooped up in a small yard for much of winter, we designated a portion of field just for them.

A field with a view

Fencing is a family affair.
 Since we already have a board fence around the field, we used 32-inch tall field fencing and attached it to the inside of the existing fence.

The Mister cutting the solid board fence to make way for...

...a re-purposed walk-through gate!

I'm thinking about painting this gate red to match the livestock gates.
What with the grass always being greener on the other side of the fence and all, we'll be adding an electric wire around the top...just in case.

The weatherman is promising us another day of sunshine this week.

That means we'll have 12 more hours to start something else!

A goat rain shelter perhaps?☺

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Limette said...

I'll be so happy when we've finished building all the paddocks on our property. But then I'm sure we'll be spending just as much time repairing fences after that!

Anonymous said...

We would like to have sheep, but need better fencing for them. I don't think they are as bad to get out as goats. Our cows sure think the grass is greener in our yard :O)

*Christi jo*

DoleValleyGirl said...

You have such a great sense of humor! Love the way you write your posts -- makes me laugh! Yoda? Acquainting yourselves with his relatives? Too funny! ~Lisa

SparingChange said...

The fencing looks awesome! Good job!