Sunday, May 15, 2011

A No Shopping, Cook-from-the-Pantry Meal Plan 5/15/11

After a rather frustrating trip to the grocery store last week, I've decided to refrain from participating in this week's grocery run. In fact, the only shopping that I plan to do is a mid-week purchase of our raw milk. Farmer's markets are exempt from my boycott, so I'll be visiting an indoor market (Rain? I laugh in the face of rain!) at the end of the week.

Why am I boycotting the grocery stores?

Because I am too much of a lady to reach up and punch the "price controllers" right in the schnoz.

Besides, I'm short and it would probably require a step stool to reach said nose, and really, who wants to pack around a stool, just in case? And then there's that whole assault thing I'd have to not only deal with, but explain to my children why punching someone in the nose is wrong.

Hence the boycott.

It's just safer that way.

Even with a meticulously planned grocery list, I left the store with (only) 3 bags of groceries and $140.00 lighter. Since I was able to carry my own bags, maybe I should be grateful that I didn't have to return the cart in the rain!?!

Fried Eggs, Bacon, Sourdough toast
German Apple Pancake with Apple Cream
Poached eggs, toast, canned pears

Peach Melba Smoothies, Kashi crackers & cheese
Popovers with ham & cheese
Tuna salad on Sourdough
Egg Salad on Sourdough
Coconut Milk Smoothies w/blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, Banana Muffins
Simple Nachos (cheese, leftover meat, black beans, salsa, sour cream)

 Venison Stroganoff (still new), green peas
Risotto w/asparagus, mushrooms & Parmesan cheese (new), Grilled Salmon
Spicy Shredded Pork with flour tortillas, Sweet & Sour Coleslaw (new)
 Lentil Burritos, salsa, tortilla chips
Barbecued Chicken Pizza on Spelt Crust (new)
Grilled Hamburgers on homemade Whole Wheat Buns, tortilla chips, salmon dip

Raw Milk Ice Cream (probably peach☺)
After last week, I'm feeling awfully motivated to get the garden planted!

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momma-lana said...

I was just talking to hubby about grocery prices this AM over breakfast. Part of me wants to just stuff every cupboard and freezer before things get any higher but the cupboards and freezer are already stuffed! I am thinking of the college kids ariving home and all their friends who are constantly here eating because really for 2 adults over 50 the food bill is pretty low. It is a something to wonder about!