Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fabric sales!

Usually on Gratituesday, I talk about how grateful I am for the things unseen. The feelings I have for my husband, children, family, granddaughter, in-laws and special vacation spots are all at the top of my most thankful list.

Today, I'm going to be totally materialistic.


I got a great deal on some home decor fabric recently and I LOVE it! I've never worked with the "good" stuff before, and it is pure joy to sew. For 50% off, I was able to get enough to make valances for my 12 ft. long dining room window, that otherwise would be naked right now. And with another sale on until Thanksgiving, I'll be able to purchase the coordinating fabric to make the side panels! Combined with my 15% teacher's discount, the new fabric will be purchased at 65% off!

Where's my keys....?


The Fifth Street Mama said...

Oh that is so awesome! I need to find me a great fabric sale :)

Nana K said...

Our local fabric store is having a pre-Christmas sale. I'm heading down there on Monday, can't wait!!!!