Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The last couple of days have been tough on me emotionally. My daughter, Valerie, moved away. It's not as if she moved to another state, or even to another town. In fact, we live in the same town. We live outside the city limits, she lives inside. And, it's not as if I didn't know this day was coming. She married her beloved husband, Jake, on July 3 of this year. While he is serving with the Army in Iraq, she is staying here, (well, not HERE), and attending nursing school.

Valerie actually moved out about a year ago. I was okay with that since she just moved across the road. Whenever she needed me, I was a holler away. I enjoyed it when she brought up her laundry because I knew that for a couple of hours, she was "home". There were times that I would make one of her favorite meals, just so I could hear her say, "I'll be right there!" And she was. I'm sure that she knew of my deviousness, but she never said anything about it!

As my husband & I were helping our #3 daughter move into her new apartment, I was filled with such pride. My little girl is all grown up. She is an independent young woman with hopes and dreams of her own. She has the courage to venture into new territory, even if it frightens her a bit. And while she doesn't "need" her momma & daddy quite as much, she respects our need to feel needed.

Today I am grateful that Valerie only moved to town. Because for all of my bravado, (at least, in front of Valerie), I am not ready to let go...at least, not all at once.


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Nana K said...

Oh I know how you feel!

When my Simone moved last year I had a hard time with her being so far away.

They moved 2 hours away, I knew they had to go for work reasons but it didn't make the seperation any eaisier.

It is hard to see our babies grow up and fly the nest but what a wonderful friend I have in my now grown up baby girl :)