Thursday, November 19, 2009

Going raw...

Every now and then, I decide to try something new. I am generally a creature of habit, tending to stick with "what I know", but lately have been feeling more bold in stretching my wings. I'm not going to go "rebel" and start doing things just because I can, but am going to do things because I should.

It doesn't mean that I have to like it either.

Today, I decided to "go raw".

I lasted until dinnertime.

I am weak.

And hungry.

The day started off with me enjoying a smoothie. I started with some raw milk, added strawberries, 1/2 of a banana, a raw egg, coconut oil and some flaxseed oil and topped it off with a straw. It looked pretty and smelled divine.

Note to self... ALWAYS remember to taste your "to go" food BEFORE you get in the car and drive 15 miles into town. You may have forgotten the raw honey. And that's an ingredient that shouldn't be forgotten.

I managed to get my errands done without stopping at Starbucks...a first for me. I even smiled at the paint guy in Lowe's.

Considering my lack of caffeine and sugar, I think that was pretty nice of me.

I don't think he stopped at Starbucks either.

Arriving home, all I could think about was food. I needed some and I needed it fast. Even the kids knew to stay out of my way as I ran to the refrigerator. But I was determined to continue my raw fest, so I grabbed some raw almonds to munch on while I moved the honey jar to a more obvious place.

As the leftover white chicken enchiladas were reheating for the kids' lunch, I prepared a salad for myself. (Is that self-deprivation or what?) To go with the salad, I sliced up an apple and added raw almond butter to the plate.

Lunch was good. I was on a roll. (Mmmm....a roll.)

For dinner, I was planning on another salad, some fruit and yogurt, and a tall glass of water.

What I actually had was Chicken Tortilla soup and a couple of crackers, smeared with peanut butter.

And it was good.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll go for a jog.

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