Tuesday, January 5, 2010


One of the things that we do to be more self-sufficient, is to raise organic beef. There is something so satisfying in knowing where our food comes from.

The problem? Look at this beautiful face...

This is our very first cow, who is now 12 years old and hopefully expecting again. Her name is Miss Bailey's & Cream. She is a Hereford/Brahma mix and throws the most gorgeous calves. We've had her since birth, when her Mama died giving birth to her. Everyone (including a life-long farmer named Grandpa), thought "she" was a "he". And since nobody wanted to bottle feed a bull calf during the summer months, we became her new parents. Bailey spent the first few months of her life, cohabitating with our chickens and drinking from a bottle. During the day, we would tether her up in the front yard (even though we had 5 fully fenced acres and a barn!), where the kids could play with her.

She doesn't know that she's a cow.

Bailey will NEVER see the inside of the freezer.

This is Bailey's special friend, Lil' Hoop. He visits us every fall. Actually, I don't think he gives us a second thought. Trying to win Bailey's affections is one of only 2 things that he thinks about. The other is eating. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but we don't actually love him for his mind.

This is our newest calf, Angus. He used to be a male. Now he's just plain ol' suspicious of everything. Even though he doesn't let us near him anymore, we still think he's adorable. I'm looking forward to him growing out of that phase however. It makes it much easier to farm.

From the field to the freezer, and from the freezer to the pan...

...From the pan to the plate....

Oh, how I love our little farm!


Jodi aka One Blessed Mama said...

You've got to love that face! We are working out way to our own little farm and I just don't know how I will deal with our own animals providing food for us (as in slaughter! :)). I would be so thankful for that cute little cow. Good luck in her expecting!

Kym-Anne said...

Our dream is to move onto a few acres down in Tasmania and be as self sufficient as possible, if only there were coal mines down there we'd be living the dream now.

Many years ago I lived on a friends farm and I just loved it!
We never named our 'food', at first it was hard for me, being a city girl and all but I felt better knowing I was eating the meat of a well loved and respectfully treated animal.

Baily is a gorgeous girl and Angus is such a cutie! I love that suspicious look in his eyes:)