Monday, January 18, 2010

Grocery Results 1/18/10

After a wicked, wicked, stormy night last night, we were greeted this morning with a bright yellow orb in the sky.

I think it was the sun.

Shopping for groceries is a whole lot "funner" in the sunshine!

Welcome back sunshine...we, I mean, I have missed you dearly.

And I mean that.

Franz Bakery Outlet

~4 loaves bread
~6 packages of gravy
~4 free loaves of bread


Grocery Outlet

~Half & half
~organic granola bars (2)
~2 gallons whole milk


Fred Meyer

~2 cheddar cheese (4 lbs.)
~4 unsalted butter
~2 lbs. organic sugar
~spinach tortillas
~flour tortillas
~organic flour (10 lbs.)
~white wine
~bulk dehydrated chives
~organic bananas
~hot dogs (2) (Sometimes you just have to have the real thing...especially with a coupon!)
~nitrite/nitrate free bacon
~cream cheese (3)
~5 grapefruit
~organic apples (4 lbs.)
~2 lemons
~organic baby spinach
~toilet paper (24 double rolls)


Health food store

~1 gallon raw, organic milk


Total: $129.70

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