Monday, January 4, 2010

Grocery Results 1/4/10

Sheesh. It's really raining here.

I live near the mighty Columbia River. You know, the river that Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were so enamored with? Normally, it is a beautiful, majestic river. Today, it is filled with debris, pushed out from the creeks that feed it.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we don't own boats.

We own arks.

Well, not us specifically. We're still trying to figure out where to find gopher wood.

On my way into town, the guy in the next lane, decided to look for some in his nose. Seriously. Do people not realize that other people can see them? Really?

And that's how my first Monday of the new year begins....

I am wet. I am cold. My cowlicks are going crazy. And I am hormonal.

I'm putting myself in a time-out as soon as I finish this post.

My grocery results today were not as I planned. I did well at stores #1 & #2, but #3 killed my good intentions. I would've skipped the last store, but I had some coupons that I needed to use. There were also some items that were not in stock at the cheaper stores, so I had to pay full price at the 3rd.

The good news...I've got nowhere to go but up, from here!

Grocery Outlet (Store #1)

3 gallons whole milk $8.97 (not organic, but hormone & antibiotic free and not ultra-pasteurized)
1 quart buttermilk $1.49 (same as milk)
2 quarts half & half $3.98 (same as milk)
Frozen, organic strawberries $2.99 (We've already depleted our summer supply!)
Frozen, organic raspberries $2.99
1 large box Rice Krispies $3.49 (This is our emergency stand-by box. Just in case...)

Subtotal: $23.91

Winco Foods (Store #2)

3.3 lbs. bulk macaroni noodles $2.41
2 cans diced, green chilies $2.36
sos pads $2.17
2 cans Ro-Tel Mexican tomatoes $1.82
Olive oil mayo $2.98 (Going to start making my own when the egg production increases!)
Soft tortilla shells/double pack $5.95 (Planning on making own, but these will be on stand-by, in the freezer!)
2 cans mandarin oranges $1.16
2 cans green enchilada sauce $3.56 (Usually make my own red sauce, but never green)
Worcestershire sauce $3.24
14 Yoplait yogurts $8.26 (For the 2 college kids)
6.76 lbs. bananas $3.92
2 large bags tortilla chips $5.16
Honey baked ham $12.11 (We don't usually buy ham, but this is the good stuff, so we'll use some tonight and freeze the rest for later use)
3 jalapeno peppers $0.14
1.40 lbs. celery $1.23
Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese $6.98
2 bunches green onions $0.96
3 heads of garlic $1.14
1 bunch fresh cilantro $0.48
2 lbs. Tillamook salted butter $4.98
2 lbs. Tillamook unsalted butter $4.98
5.67 lbs. oranges $3.29
1 head green leaf lettuce $1.28

Subtotal $80.56

Subtotal after coupons $79.54

Safeway (Store #3)

4 boxes Nature Valley granola bars $10.00 (College and hungry rugrat snacks)
4 cans naturally sweetened tropical fruit cocktail $6.00
5 lbs. King Arthur flour $5.59 (Waiting for my organic flour from Bob's Red Mill)
2 bottles organic ketchup $4.38
2 lbs. Monterey Jack cheese $5.99 (Will shred and freeze)
2 lbs. shredded Mexican cheese $5.99
2 pints organic whipping cream $4.58
Cottage cheese $1.49
Daisy sour cream $2.99
32 oz. organic whole milk yogurt (for yogurt cheese) $2.99
2 loaves fresh baked sourdough bread $3.18
Bacon $3.99

Subtotal (after coupons) $57.17

Total food bill: $160.62

Normally, I would NOT purchase bacon unless is was uncured, but since I decided to bag the Costco trip for the moment, this is the only choice I had. I had to also buy already-baked sourdough bread because my starter got contaminated and had to be started over. It should be ready by the weekend, so I'll be able to make loaves and try my hand at English muffins.

Some of the items that I bought were organic. Some were not. I try to buy organic produce, but in the winter, it can be quite spendy. So I have to prioritize. Anything that has skin to be eaten, is organic. Anything to be peeled or cooked, I can forgo the organic label. For now.

Now, I'm going to tackle that pile of seed catalog's...but shhh...I'm supposed to be in "time-out"!

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NW Coupon Lady said...

Hi Kim. I seen your posting on the Grocery Cart. I also live in the Pacific Northwest along the Columbia River (Tri-Cities). I will add you to my blog list. I love following blogs from the Pacific Northwest. I post grocery gatherings for WinCo Foods and Yokes.

Lori/NW Coupon Lady