Friday, January 7, 2011

Hurdling the Obstacles, Instead of Tripping...Again.

Setting New Year's goals, tends to set people up for failure. Most goals are made on the spur of the moment, or during an emotional high/low, with the expectations being so far out of reach, goals are doomed before they begin.

That said, I've officially made it through day 2 of my own resolution, to get healthy and cut out the bad carbs. Can I call that a success? No, not yet. I have a long way to go before my yoga pants can actually be used for exercise instead of as a relief from the ever-shrinking jeans.  But, it is a good start.

Usually by day 2, I've relegated myself to the basement with my trusty bags of Fritos and Reese's to ease the shame. Of course, that brings another round of shame that can only be eased with a bowl of ice cream from my favorite uncles, Ben & Jerry. It's a vicious circle my friends, and it's one shape that I do not want to be.

I've also declared our home a "diet-free zone". Just the word "diet" sends chills down my spine and makes me want to have a Thanksgiving feast every week...with pie. Instead of dieting, I am cleansing. I've eliminated sugar, white flour, and white rice from my repertoire. I have cut most wheat products and potatoes from my meals and I have bagged the Fritos and Reese's for now. As a "former" food junkie, I am determined to not fail this time. Over the past year & a half, our diets have changed dramatically for the better. We consume more fresh fruits and veggies, grass-fed animal proteins and raw dairy than ever before. But our dependence on the "treats" has become the thorn in my side.

Memo to Starbucks...I resign. I will no longer be a slave to your Caramel Frappuccino. Nor will I wait in line, and pay you $4.26 to take one more year off of my life. 
...Almost sincerely, Me.

I've got a little more positive self-talking to do. 

~Here are my healthy food goals for 2011~

1. Eliminate all white sugar from the pantry. Except for the honeybee's sugar~they get testy without their daily fix. Keep that bag under lock & key. If pure maple syrup, raw honey, or sucanat cannot be substituted in a recipe, then we do not need it.

2. Use only flour that I have to grind myself. White flour has had all of the good nutrition robbed from it. It's the equivalent of eating dirt from a GMO farm. What's the point of eating it if there are no nutrients in it to begin with?

3. The only corn chips allowed in the house are ones that I have made myself. Making tortilla chips are easy, but more importantly, they are time-consuming to make. Which means that it's less likely that I'm going to hide in the basement with a bag.

4. Use only healthy, traditional fats. Coconut oil, olive oil, butter from pastured cows, ghee, and beef tallow are now taking the places of rancid oils such as; corn, canola, vegetable, and soybean oil.

5. Throw out all foods containing the words, partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oil, MSG or "natural flavorings",  and high-fructose corn syrup and corn syrup. This means that the pudding cupboard will be no more. If we need pudding, we can make it. From whole food ingredients.

6. Move daily. Even if it's just dancing around the kitchen while I cook. And if that doesn't work, my Mister has my permission to tie a grain bag to my backside and leave me in the middle of the field with our always hungry cows.

If some of these seem familiar, they are. I have NOT arrived. Striving toward a healthier lifestyle is a daily challenge, especially with a large family who is always on the go. But it is a challenge that should be met head-on, even if it requires a helmet to prevent brain injury.

Expecting set-backs and knowing that goals are easier met when not alone, are key to to conquering "The New Year's Resolution Curse". When we stumble, it's always good to have someone to help us up. Most of the time, we know when we're going to trip up. Try to avoid those moments, but don't beat yourself up about them. Moments happen. And enjoying a meal with someone who has your back, can be a real boost towards success. Share with others your goals toward a healthier lifestyle. It may surprise you just how many people are willing to stand behind you. Even better is when they stand in front of you.

I recently read an article that said how we should eat. In the winter, 75% of our meals should be cooked. In the summer, only 25%, and during spring and fall, 50/50. That's a good plan and one that I plan on working toward. Another article stated that the term "whole food" is easiest to remember if you remember it as "one ingredient". Think back to math class and learning fractions. We have become a society of fraction-eating people. Fractions make me crazy. There are too many parts. Too many hands in the pot, so to speak.

I like 1. It's a good whole number.

Beginning a regular exercise program is also on my list of healthy goals, but that will have to wait until the Dr. gives the thumbs-up. Until then, I've got some work of my own to do.

How about you? Have you made healthy food goals for the year? Are you still working on your goals from last year or have those fallen off the proverbial wagon? 

It's time to pull up your bootstraps, and make 2011 your best, brightest and healthiest year yet! 


Dem said...

Thanks for your honesty! It's nice to hear other "real foodies" confess they still eat some junk! Good luck with your goals.

Anonymous said...

I am so with you. Been ten days and I failed for 10 days. Need to plan my meals ahead of time. Good Luck.