Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu Plan 1/17/11

This is week 2 of my 2-week menu plan, and I am happy to report that I like this new schedule. The plan was to grocery shop for 2 weeks, using "fresh" ingredients for week 1, then resort to home-preserved foods for the following week.

I got my inspiration from Scrooge McDuck. See, Scrooge McDuck likes to hold on to his hard-earned cash. I can relate. He is also a little cranky at times, which is another thing we have in common.

Besides detesting my weekly visits to the grocery store, I find that sometimes I end up with more in my cart than items on my list! I'm not sure if "stuff" just falls off the shelves and my cart is just in the right place at the wrong time, or if some lunatic mystery shopper is just passing by and dropping things in.

I'll be keeping a closer watch in the future.

Our average weekly grocery bill runs about $140. This includes our 2 gallons of raw milk that we pick up every Wednesday. So, for 2 weeks worth of groceries, I budgeted $280.

Actual money spent at a whole foods type store...$118.00. Add in an additional $44 for 4 gallons of raw milk and the grand total was a whopping $162.00.

FOR 2 WEEKS!!!!!

Thank you Scrooge McDuck. I kept some money in my pocket and managed to keep a smile on my face!

Here's what's cookin' this week...

Cranberry Orange Scones (I substituted whole wheat flour for the white)
Navy Bean soup, fruit salad (from canned/frozen fruits)

Salmon Patties (will post this week!), Roasted potatoes, Swiss chard (must've fallen into the cart!)

Scrambled eggs, Deer sausage

Mexican Frittata, leftover cornbread

Peanut Butter Muffins (new), Fruit Smoothies
Sweet & Sour Meatballs, Soaked brown rice, baked Acorn squash

Jamaican Style Beans & Rice (new)

Granola, Yogurt
Elk Stew, European Peasant Bread (I killed my sourdough starter...again.)

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Wonderwoman said...

Great idea to shop for 2 weeks at a time! Staying out of stores save me money too, AND time. I just have two questions...$11 for a gallon of raw milk? And how far does that go with a family your size?

Great blog!

Kim said...

We have to buy raw milk in our local health food store and yes, at a price of $11/gallon. It's a ridiculous price, but far cheaper than having & milking our own cow! Although, in a perfect farmgirl world, I would love that. The raw milk is specifically for drinking, but I also purchase 1 gallon of organic, pasturized milk for cooking when it's needed. We skim the cream off of the raw and use that in our morning coffee or over frozen blueberries in the evening. So good!

Wonderwoman said...

Agreed that it's much cheaper than having your own cow and milking twice a day! We are at the opposite end of the country and pay about $8 per gallon. I'm just thankful that there are still states where raw milk is legal!

Hey, I've been browsing through your the aprons you made! I am going to try the Peach Kuchen this week, thanks for the recipe.