Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tales of the Pepto Bismol Room

When I see this color, my mind immediately shifts to memories of childhood. This color does not evoke pleasant memories of cotton candy at the local fair, but rather, of my mom teaching me the value of numbers by saying, "Kimberly Sue, I am going to count to 3 and if you do not swallow that medicine, your tummy-ache will not be the only problem you'll be having!"

I took that as a multiple choice and went with option 2.

Here's the thing, you know something is going to be bad when your mother uses your entire given name. It's just as bad when your adult daughter comes to you and starts her sentence with "Momma".
Adult daughter's should never be allowed to choose their room colors. See, as an adult, my daughter knew that her remaining time here was short. You'd think we would've already learned this lesson. After all, Melissa is daughter #4. Shortly before our eldest daughter, Kelsie, moved away, she chose the downstairs bathroom color.

Her favorite color at the time was neon orange.

Thankfully, the ceiling caved in and the whole bathroom needed to be gutted. Personally, I think the bathroom committed suicide.

I've decided that it's up to me to save the bedroom before it too gets a crazy idea to end it all. Except for the carpet, which is *gasp* pink (!), the room has been stripped clean. It is a blank slate, ready for it's makeover and a new resident. When this room is done, it will no longer be known as the Pepto Bismol room, but as... didn't think I'd tell you yet, did you?

 Here's what I'm working with...

Warning: Must wear safety goggles before entering Pepto Planet!

If radiation had a color, this would be it. Even the deer can see the glow.

Run Bambi~It's not safe!!

Blue/Grey primer to "coat" the Pepto Bismol walls

After's safe to remove your eye wear now.

Sometimes, when a project consumes me, I can be a little hard to communicate with. Locked in the Pepto room with TobyMac and Bon Jovi blaring from the I-home, Matthew decided that the answer he was seeking was not going to be answered through traditional methods.

We'll be working on his spelling after my project is completed.

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Audrey said...

I thought your post was going to explain family illness! Well, maybe it did since someone actually chose to paint that bedroom! It's good to hear from you - thanks for lightening my heart!

p.s. don't fuss too much with his spelling - Kelly showed the boys how to use the internet dictionary today! What a wonderful thing!