Monday, February 1, 2010

Grocery Results 2/1/10

I really don't like grocery shopping, but I try to make the most of it by playing a game with myself. It's called "Don't spend more than you have".

I lose most of the time.

When I left the house this morning though, I knew that because I hadn't bought groceries last week, this week was going to be spendier than other weeks. I still left with a smile on my face because the sun was shining. That's pretty rare for February in western Washington.

While I can delude myself into thinking that I'm going to stay within a budget, the delusion is short-lived as far as the weather goes.

It started raining on my way to town.

And I went way over budget on the groceries.

Delusions, money, and weather's looking to be a great week!

I only went to one store today, mostly because of the rain, but partly because I was just feeling a tad lazy. Call me crazy, but I'm not too energized to hand over hard-earned money for food that we shoulda, woulda ,coulda grown ourselves! I hope Mr. Kroger enjoys his vacation this year...I think we're paying for it! (We actually did do a good job preparing for winter, but I can see ways to improve!)

Here's how the grocery trip went...

Fred Meyer

4 cans black olives
baking powder
2 cans enchilada sauce
2 lbs. Tillamook butter
4 lbs. Darigold butter (coupon)
2 lbs. Tillamook cheddar cheese (coupon)
1 lb. Tillamook Swiss cheese
1 lb. Tillamook sharp cheddar
1 lb. cottage cheese
organic ketchup
3 lbs. organic coffee beans
1 quart half & half
mayonnaise (coupon)
taco sauce
sweet relish
true lime packets
1 lb. organic bacon
baking soda
2 rye bread
whole wheat crackers
4 lbs. corned beef brisket
2 lbs. red vine tomatoes
3 red peppers
bulk sunflower seeds
3 sweet onions
2 jumbo garlic
grape juice
apple juice
2 organic gallons milk
1 family size Frito
3 bags Lays potato chips (Superbowl/coupon)
1 bottle white wine
1 bottle red wine
1 head green leaf lettuce

Subtotal: $166.50

Health food store

2 gallons raw milk (last Thursday)

Subtotal: $22.98
Grand total: $189.48

As you may have noticed, I bought mayonnaise. A few weeks ago, my food processor had a little "accident". I didn't realize how much I used it until today. Now I'm on the hunt for a new one...preferably one that is resistant to 14 year old boys!

There are ways to cut costs from this list, but sometimes it is just easier to buy items rather than try and make them from scratch. For instance, I bought bottled juice. It is far more frugal to buy juice in concentrate and make it myself. But I forget. And I have a daughter who is hypoglycemic and has to take a cup to bed with her. She remembers to do that if the juice is in the refrigerator. She can't do it if I forget to put it there! I also buy lime packets for our water. While it may be healthier to buy lime juice or whole limes, it is not more frugal. And since water is the main source of fluid intake around here, I try to doctor up the slight iron taste from the tap. It is still much cheaper than buying bottled water! (Not to mention more "earth friendly"!)

Because last week went so well with our freezer/pantry planning, we'll be doing it again next week, so some of these groceries are for that. Hopefully, with a little planning, I will be able to take a rain-check on the shopping next week.

There's a little grocery store humor for ya! (*wink*)

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