Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Remodel, Part 1

Normally, Wednesday would be where I would post a yummy crock-pot dish that I know others would enjoy.

I haven't seen my crock-pot in days.

Or my kids really.

My husband seems to appear out of thin air, just as I'm ready to start crying.

Yes. We're in the middle of a remodel.

My kitchen has been overtaken by midget "mini-me's", who resemble my two youngest daughters. And bless their hearts, they are making the most out of my messes. For instance, yesterday, I boiled some potatoes and eggs, ran to my neighbors to pick up her Avon order, got to chatting and returned to mashed potatoes. The problem? The spuds were for potato salad. And they were supposed to be roasted. My girls tried to doctor them up, but really they were a mess. Filling, but messy.

I also decided to make some homemade granola so that I wouldn't have to cook breakfast, thus allowing me a little extra time on the remodel. It burned.

Apparently, I'm not the greatest multi-tasker.

So, while the kitchen is a mess, the home projects are coming along nicely.

And my girls are learning some valuable home-ec skills.

The boys are learning the fine art of clean up.

Here's what we've been doing...

Brant teaching me how to rewire a light.

One down, 14 more to go...

The utility with new wainscotting

More wainscot ready to be installed. Don't adjust the screen, it really is that messy at the moment!

To be continued...After I run to town for some paint!


Mountain Home Quilts said...

Try not to go too insane! It'll all look great when it's done! :)

Anonymous said...

The wains coating looks good!!!! :)