Saturday, February 6, 2010

A New Me!

A few years ago, I decided to lose a few pounds. I joined an online group and lost about 25 of the 50 I needed to shed, and trimmed a whoppin' 42 inches from my 5'4" frame.

And then I got lazy.

Combine hungry with lazy and you get "Diet Re-do, Part 2".

When I say lazy, I don't mean "lying-on-the-couch-eating-bon-bon's-while-watching-soap-operas" lazy. I mean "keeping-busy-without-elevating-your-heart-rate" kind of lazy. While I'm on the go all day long, I have to really work hard to burn more than a dozen calories!

Then I feel guilty about neglecting my treadmill, so I attempt to cover it up or turn it into an architectural centerpiece.

And when that ceases to work, I move it to the garage and park outside.

So, here's the plan. I'm going to count my calories while still eating real food. No artificial sweetener's, no fake butter, and no low-carb paper posing as bread. I would much rather eat whole fat sour cream than a non-dairy product that requires a Phd. in Scientific Nutrition to discern. I'll be doing this the old-fashioned way-by lowering my caloric intake and increasing my aerobic activity.

Hmmm...burning more calories than I take that's a concept that just might catch on!

The plan?

~1200-1700 calories a day, depending on activity levels.
~keep food journal
~8-10 cups of water/day
~cardio exercise 3 times a week, lasting for 15 minutes or more
~strength training 3 times a week
~dessert every Sunday

Starting Monday morning. After all, Superbowl Sunday is all about the food, right?

Ready, set, here I go again!

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Mountain Home Quilts said...

If I wasn't nursing right now I would so join you!! I need to lose about 30lbs! That's what 3 kids in 3 years will do to you!