Friday, February 19, 2010

Mooooooving Cows

Our fields are looking pretty barren at the moment. Even though we've been getting unseasonably spring-like weather, the only grass that is growing, is our front lawn.

So my husband decided to move the cattle (all 3.5 of them) to a lush green area, where the grass is always green.

The drain field. Where the raspberries grow to be as big as robin's eggs, the lilac tree grows 6 feet every spring and the grass cannot be cut with a mower.

Every cow's fantasy.

But first, the gates must be closed, the fence line checked and the electric fence powered up.

Then there's the gentle whispering that must be done to coax the matriarch to follow the farmer.

The little one seems to trust his mother's leading. (Notice the elk in the background? They're hungry too.)

This big boy doesn't follow any one's lead. He's supposed to be the leader. (My lilac's are budding out!)

Bailey has found "the promised land" and is happy here. She doesn't even realize that her babe is no longer following her lead.

This is good eatin'. At least somebody realizes this.

But not everyone is convinced. We don't love him for his brains. They're in short supply.

Now his rebellion is leading the little one astray.

"Heck no, we won't go!" *Snort*

"But daddy, I'm hungry. I can have solid food now!"

"Hey farmer in the pajamas...can you help me? Pretty please?"

"With sugar on top?"

I am happy to report that the wee one did reconnect with his momma. It was after she left the promised land and returned to the land of barrenness and starvation.

The bull eventually found the promised land too. Now it's dark and he can't find his way back out.

Time to go and be a farmer. I wonder if he likes gluten-free cookies?

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