Sunday, March 14, 2010

MPM 3/15-3/21/2010

After a couple of hours of spring, which is pretty typical for Washington state, we're back to cold, windy rain.

Sadly, this means the barbecue stays covered.

I'm not too upset though. I found a couple of new soup recipes that sound good and soup always tastes better when it's raining. Always.

Last week, I made a couple of gallons of chicken broth from the roosters my boys butchered, so that will be making up the base for several of the soups.

Since they were roosters, would it still be called chicken broth? Hmmm.....

While I ponder that, here's what's cookin'...


~leftover soup
~Mulligatawny w/ Chicken & Millet soup, Pinenut-studded Polenta Flatbread (new!)

~Baked eggs (new!)
~Pb&J sandwiches, fruit
~African Peanut Stew, Pinenut-studded Polenta Flatbread (new!)

~Egg salad sandwiches, tangerines
~Spaghetti, green beans

~Fried eggs, sourdough toast
~Ravioli soup, sourdough

~Cinnamon rolls, hot cocoa
~Chili Verde, green salad (new!)

~Venison stew, cornbread

I'll be posting new recipes this week!
For more menu planning ideas, visit Organizing Junkie.

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Cindy said...

OK, Monday morning. This week I AM going to make a menu. I might have to scam some of your ideas :) Thanks for the inspiration!