Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Project Turkey Yard

 If you've followed my blog for very long, you'll have noticed a trend with my Mister and I.

We are very project oriented.

The problem with this "illness" is that there are so many great ideas floating around in our heads, we are consistently in the process of starting a new project. Even before the last one is finished. 

Blame it on our ages. We forget a lot. 

Today, we finally finished Operation Turkey Yard. Well, mostly. We still need to put the "roof" on, but for now, just having a safe place for the turkeys to play is enough. 

Lucy's first breath of fresh air! I hope she doesn't notice the chickens on the other side of the fence!

Lucy, Ricky, Ethel, Fred and Thomasina~we thought she was a he, so Thomas-Destined-For-The-Table, became Lucky Thomasina!


Lucy and Ricky getting ready to perform a waltz. Good form. I give it a 9~always room for improvement.

We bought the hardware for the gate which the Mister put together, and I screwed up the boards. These will be cut down when we put the roof on. The board in the center is the "peak" of the roof. I felt the need to "explain" this so you don't think we're a bunch of half-wits and are moving on to yet another project!
 Now that the turkey yard is built and the waltzing has begun, it's time to "set the mood" for the couples.

I guess that would be considered a new project.

I may just sit this one out.


Audrey said...

Love the dance! We started with 5 turkeys this spring and ended with none! Maybe next year.

The new blog format looks great! Keep it up!

Kris said...

Kim, your turkeys look about the same size as mine. They are so big. So are you keeping a few to breed? I am keeping 1 tom and 4 hens. The other toms will be dinner. Now I guess I need to research about when they should start mating and laying eggs. I would think in the spring but I don't know. I have noticed a few of the boys fighting. Anyway, good job on the turkey run.

Kim said...

We are keeping 3 hens and 1 tom for breeding, but haven't decided between Ricky or Fred for the table! I think I will be sad for that day to come~they each have their own personalities! The egg-laying should come anytime, but I'm not going to let them set until late winter/early spring...if we can figure out the mood-setting!!!

Kris said...

Let me know what you do to get ready. I have never done this before. I have heard they need to be "in the mood" before the tom knows what to do. The hens are ready but he has no idea. And what will they lay eggs in? My nesters are not big enough! I'll probably have to make some for them. I know what you mean. I have gotten attached to them all. They are so cute and so nice. There is one tom though that I know I will be keeping. His name is Harper. He is the one that gets all fluffed up when a stranger comes around. He's very handsome and proud.