Sunday, October 3, 2010

MPM 10/4/10

When I plan our meals out for the week, I ALWAYS check with the weatherman to make sure that my meals are acceptable to him. I mean, after all, if he doesn't like my plans, he changes his.

The weather, I mean.

Which is exactly what he did last week.

I think the chowder offended him.

My plans last week consisted of several soups. Not only was I planning on soups for dinner, but was counting on them for lunches too. While I was planning, it was raining. It was gloomy. It was chilly. This is Washington. Rainy weather was a sure bet.

What we got instead was heat. And sunshine. Not that I'm complaining, but I am a planner. I need to know things. And somebody forgot to send me the memo that my plans needed changing.

Instead of soups, we enjoyed a chicken satay salad, and a black bean/corn salad. We still enjoyed an awesome chili, but I served it after 8 p.m...with the windows wide open!

This week, I am only planning for a partial week. We are heading to the southern Oregon coast to celebrate our granddaughter's second birthday! Weather cooperating, we are also hoping to catch a few crabs in the bay, and reel in a few small-mouth bass at a local lake. I'm hoping for seafood, but will have some nitrite-free hot dogs on stand-by, just in case!

Here's what's cooking...


Scrambled eggs and elk sausage
Egg/sausage/cheese "McMuffins"


leftover Cheeseburger soup, sourdough bread
Egg salad sandwiches on sourdough, sliced apples
Corndog muffins, Plum smoothies
Toasted cheese on sourdough, sliced apples


Chicken & bean enchiladas, tortilla chips, guacamole
Thai Cashew Chicken, egg rolls (these were made by a co-worker of my Mister!)
Salmon en Papillote w/ veggies (mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, onions and spinach)
Hawaiian omlettes (ham, Swiss cheese, pineapple), hashbrowns

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Mountain Home Quilts said...

How far south are you coming? Maybe we could drive up and see you! :)

krauterhaus said...

Have fun! Give Kelsie, Ben, and Madison XOXOs from us!