Friday, June 3, 2011

Frugal Friday~A Ziplock Bag Dryer

Remember wire coat hangars? You know, from the "olden" days?

Re-purpose them for something that is actually more useful than rusty spots on the shoulder seams.

Unless of course, you like rusty spots on the shoulder seams because it adds character to your ensemble.

I applaud anyone who marches to the beat of their own drums!

First, fold up one side of the hangar towards the center.

Then fold up the other side.

If you don't want to use this to dry plastic bags, you could sign it and call it art.

I only reuse bags that have had dry ingredients in them, never meat, because I only use cold water to wash them off. I'm not sure if freezer bags have BPA in them, so this is a safe way to re-purpose without compromising health.

When not in use, these can be hung back up in the closet!


Farmer's City Wife said...

Do you know how many freezer bags (with just frozen bread in them) I've thrown away because I can't get them dry and am worried about mold?? I think you've just saved me about 4 boxes of Ziplocks a year, woman. Thanks!!

Ron Joe 'Geezer' said...

I just happen to be a cheap... I mean a frugal old geezer and I think that's a great idea! Thanks :-)

Now all I got to do is find a wire hanger!

Anonymous said...

I use a bottle drying rack. it has the tall arms for the big bags and the small arms for the small bags. Cari