Friday, June 10, 2011

Frugal Friday~RinseThat Gunk Right Outta Your Hair!

As a woman who likes to look her best, I rely heavily on hair products to tame my wild, out-of-control hair. Without a little mousse, or a lot depending on our finicky weather, my curls turn into nests of tangles, ready for any passing feathered friend to rest their weary wings upon. When I'm camping in the mountains, all I need is a baseball cap and some sunglasses, but try visiting a credit union wearing that get-up these days and you'll understand my need for mousse.

I used to pay anywhere between $5-$12 for a bottle of clarifying shampoo, only to use it a couple of times, then throw it out because it was taking up shower space. Besides stripping the old hair product from my hair, it would also strip the much-needed oils from my scalp. Which then, of course, required a different over-priced bottle of shampoo to stop the snow storm from blanketing my shoulders.

It could be a conspiracy...

Here's my solution, and you don't even have to look outside your kitchen pantry to find it. Are you ready for it?

White vinegar!

In a bottle, (I use a condiment bottle with a pointy tip), mix 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. Shake to mix. After shampooing your hair, carefully squirt vinegar rinse as close to your scalp as possible (hence the pointy tip!). With your fingers, massage the vinegar into your scalp and hair, being careful to avoid contact with the eyes. Rinse with warm water.

Use once per week to remove the gel, mousse, and hair spray of hair-do's past, but not more than twice weekly. You don't want to change the PH of your scalp.

Vinegar rinse also makes a great detangler!


Anita said...

I've been doing this as well and was really surprised with how it conditions and detangles!

MamaTea said...

Great idea! It always amazes me the different things vinegar is good for. Just the other day I told my mom to stop buying fabric softener because vinegar will work just as well. She didn't believe me until I told her that's what I've been using for quite awhile. Sometimes we gotta teach the parents, right?