Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meal Plan for 6/12-6/18/11 (Lower Carb)

After a rather busy week of gardening, school, and outdoor projects, my Mister & I decided to take the family and de-stress with a little fishing.
De-stress and fishing I've learned, do not belong in the same sentence.
 This week I found that fishermen are the most stressed out people I know. I think of fishing as a pole, some bait, the latest novel I've been dying to read, and some good old snacks to pass the time. Catching a fish is just a bonus to a relaxing day on the water. 
This week I learned that I have seriously miscalculated the importance of the other stuff, such as; having spinners and power bait in 20 different coordinating colors, just in case the fish happen to have 20/20 vision and have a preference for something other than orange, silver, or green; owning a fishing net that extends to twice the length of the boat, just in case your Amazon strength allows you to cast your line to the other side of the lake, but lacks the stamina to reel in a 10 oz. trout (of course, the fish will have grown to much larger proportions during story telling time!); a bucket for the call of nature that almost always calls just as soon as the perfect fishing hole has been found; and at least 4 different natural sunscreens since one alone is just begging for trouble.
A little pink perhaps, but not too bad...I thought.
Stick a fork in me...I'm done.
Who knew fishing could be so stressful?
After suffering from second degree burns, I've decided to spend my de-stressing time this week with a book in my hands, iced tea by my side, feet firmly planted on solid ground while under the protection of a rather large and gaudy, red, white, and blue golfing umbrella.
If you're flying overhead, feel free to wave~I'll be the glowing patriotic specimen in the lounge chair!  
Here's what's cookin' this week....other than me...
Cold Chicken Satay Noodles with brown rice pasta
Smoked fish, cream cheese, crackers
Grilled chicken, Peanut Sauce (still new), farmer's market salad w/ Ranch dressing
Scrambled eggs, elk sausage
Lunch at Bob's Redmill
Cheesey Broccoli Soup, sourdough bread
Layered bean dip, organic tortilla chips
Smoothies, popcorn
Crispy Bacon Pizza (new), raw veggies w/ Ranch dressing
Fried eggs, bacon
Grilled chicken/apple sausages, lacto-fermented sauerkraut
Graduation barbecue for our daughter Valerie, who on 6/11 graduated with her RN degree!

Leftover Buffet

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