Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My "No Bun" Reward, Low-Carb Style

I thought giving up carbs would be a little more difficult. After all, it's grillin' season and with the meat, comes the buns.

Lovely, homemade buns.

With a sprinkling of poppy seeds.


In my old life, which was exactly 9 days ago, the buns could have convinced me to cheat.

In 9 days though, I've matured.

Meet maturity.

As a reward for achieving this new level of maturity, I treated myself.

Meet low-carb wisdom.

I can now say that I have fully lived.



Mary said...

Even without the bun, that looks yummy. I could not live without my homemade bread. I'll be thinking of you. Hang in there.
God Bless

Jamie said...

I couldnt give up the buns either,i am trying,but with grilling hamburgers you gotta have the buns!!!!